​​​BrightStarr SharePoint Events​

We are a leading SharePoint Consultancy with over 8 years of experience and we love talking about what we do. We host a wide range of free webinars and seminars throughout the year to share our insights on the Microsoft Enterprise offering.

Whether you attend one of our hour long webinars, or join us for a longer in person seminar in an awesome Microsoft office, you will be sure to meet some expert, friendly people and maybe even learn a thing or two. If there is a piece of information that can improve the way organizations do business today, we want to share it with you. Our events are often co-hosted by expert Microsoft speakers, so you can count on our events to deliver the most cutting edge information, from speakers in the know.

Take a look below to see a list of our upcoming events and book your place on one today. If you'd like to see a flavor of the events we have run or attended before, then why not check out our past events to view the content and see what we've covered.

​SharePoint Events​ Collaboration in the Retail Industry - SeminarThe retail industry today faces great pressure, both internally and externally. Externally all retail organizations are operating with the force of globalization, which is forcing them to become more accessible9:00am - 12.30pm BSTCardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL2014-10-09T23:00:00Z