01 Apr

Enterprise Search at Easter

Don't make finding content in your Intranet an Easter Egg hunt!

One of the most eggciting Easter traditions has to be the Easter Egg hunt. However, while we might find the thrill of the hunt exciting on the one Easter weekend every year, it definitely doesn't drive the same enthusiasm in the work place.

30 Mar

Linklaters SharePoint Intranet Award

BrightStarr wins Best Information Management Solution for Linklaters SharePoint Intranet

The winners of the prestigious Europa IT and Software Excellence Awards were announced last Wednesday, and we are proud to announce that Linklaters' SharePoint Intranet won Best Storage/Information Management Solution of the Year!

23 Mar

SharePoint 2016 Predictions

BrightStarr Video Blog SharePoint 2016 Predictions

Welcome to the BrightStarr Video Blog, where we are covering our predictions for SharePoint 2016 and what it might look like.

19 Mar

Office 365 Migration

Migrating from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online on Office 365

Having helped numerous organisations make the transition from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online on Office 365, we know that this is no small task.

12 Mar

Configuring Inbound Hybrid Search

Configuring Inbound Hybrid Search for a large distributed organization

There are many great articles out there around configuring Hybrid Search scenarios for SharePoint, particularly for the Outbound Hybrid Search scenario, and somewhat for the Inbound Hybrid Search scenario.

05 Mar

BrightStarr Microsoft CIO Summit

BrightStarr presents Unily at Microsoft CIO Summit

Last week Microsoft hosted their invite only North America CIO Summit, playing host to 350 of the world’s leading CIO’s to share some insight into the future of Microsoft enterprise technology.

26 Feb

New User Experiences

Ready for new User Experience reality?

No matter how rich the information on your website, it's of little value if it isn't delivered with great user experiences. To compound this issue, maintaining consistently high standards is as challenging as ever;

19 Feb

Azure Search Service

The Azure Search Service

The Azure team has been steadily adding features to their Pay-as-you-Go Search Service. At the time of writing it was still in preview mode, but the feature set is now starting to represent a respectable cloud Search Service.