08 Sep

In an era of the Digital Workplace, is my intranet dead?

Is the Digital Workplace yet another digital trend or something you can’t afford to ignore?

07 Sep

Intranet for mergers and acquisitions

How your new Intranet will make your merger, acquisition or de-merger that much easier

Mergers and acquisitions can represent a particularly unstable time for any two businesses. Whether coming together across organisational synergies or departing to establish separate entities, M&A’s or de-mergers are a challenging prospect.

26 Aug

End of SharePoint 2010 Support

It's the end of the line for SharePoint 2010: What's your plan?

On October 13th 2015, Microsoft will cease its mainstream support for SharePoint 2010, and move into Extended support. What does this mean in real terms and what are your options?

24 Aug

Cloud Search Application for SharePoint On premises

Cloud Search Service Application released for SharePoint On-premises

Amidst the recent announcements and hype surrounding the launch of the SharePoint 2016 On-premises preview, a somewhat hazy announcement has been made around the release of the Cloud Search Service Application. In this blog, Sam provides some clarity...

11 Aug

5 Common Mistakes in Internal Communications

You know it’s time to implement a cohesive internal communications strategy, but what should be a relatively simple process can cause as many problems as it solves. Here’s our round up of the top five internal comms issues, and how to avoid them.

10 Aug

Four Ways to Gain Executive Support for Your New Intranet

You have identified replacing your ineffective Intranet of strategic importance, so how do you get started? Getting your leadership team on-board is vital to getting your project off the ground – here’s how.

03 Aug

Intranet as a Service Changing Intranets

'As a Service' is Changing the Way the Enterprise Approaches Intranets

With a traditional 'box of software' or custom solution comes the problem of obsolescence. Boxed software requires on-going support, maintenance, and at some point, an upgrade. So what's the alternative for modern enterprises?

20 Jul

Knowledge Management Intranet Legal

The necessity of better knowledge management for the legal sector

Practising law is all about people and knowledge. Firm's clients are entitled to the benefits of collective, accumulated knowledge that is gathered from all around the business.