26 Nov

Royal Free London Choose Unily

Royal Free Choose Unily Intranet

UK Unily client The Royal Free Hospital were invited to speak on stage at the SMiLE. Watch Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate, discuss the hospital’s implementation of a social Unily intranet solution.

23 Nov

Intelligent Tech with Microsoft Graph

Plotting the Way to Intelligent Tech with Microsoft Graph

As Microsoft announce the public release of Microsoft Graph, what does it mean for your enterprise solutions?

16 Nov

The Power of Purpose

6 Ways to Give Your Intranet ​The Power of Purpose

It is of vital importance that leaders inspire their employees with vision and strategic purpose but how many apply that thinking to their organizations intranet?

09 Nov

Why UI's with Card Based Design Dominate the Web

Cbased user interfaces are the on-trend web design. What is the reason for this shift and what are the benefits of applying this trend to your organizations internal intranet?

02 Nov

The ROI of Collaboration

In business, decisions are made by running the numbers and choosing the optimum outcome, but what happens when the benefits don’t appear to reach the bottom line?

26 Oct

What's New in SharePoint 2016

What's New in SharePoint 2016?

The time has come and SharePoint 2016 is finally out in Beta. What do you need to know about SharePoint 2016 and how has it moved on since SharePoint 2013?

20 Sep

Digital Profile at Work

The Value of Your Digital Profile at Work

On a sliding scale of importance where should your corporate intranet profile fall within the various digital profiles you need to manage?

16 Sep

Death of a Solution Salesman

Death of a Solution Salesman

The traditional idea of ‘solution selling’ is not a bad one, but times are changing. How can the modern business keep up?