30 Jul


Troubleshooting SharePoint 2013 document rendering through Office Web Apps

I recently encountered an issue where a SharePoint 2013 farm (SP1) was failing to render any document type through Office Web Apps (also SP1). Immediately I knew that this was unlikely to be an issue with the Office Web Apps farm itself.

23 Jul

Be Agile

Don’t do 'Agile,' be agile

Since 2001 there has been a change sweeping the software development industry. Not for a long time has a single term generated such debate. This term, as you've probably gathered from the title, is 'Agile' or more correctly 'Agile Software Development.'

09 Jul

Digital Education

3 ways technology can transform the education experience

Education is a huge part of most people's lives today. In the western world time spent in education will constitute at the very least 15% of our entire life, and for a lot of people that enter higher education, even more than this.

03 Jul

Document Editing in Outlook Web App

New Outlook Web App feature to celebrate just before Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence Day and all across the US people will be celebrating and enjoying a federal holiday, as they commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, one of the world's most important documents.

30 Jun

World Cup and Intranet Best Practice

Why watching the World Cup is a lesson in Intranet Best Practice

Convincing your boss that you need to leave early to catch a World Cup football game can be problematic, but I think that watching the beautiful game can be seen as a lesson in Intranet best practice.

23 Jun

Senior Management Culture

The Business Culture of Senior Management

In one of my recent meetings I had the chance to connect with a member of the senior management of a notable digital tele-communications company and we had a very interesting conversation.

18 Jun

Yammer Document Conversations

Microsoft Scores with New Enterprise Experience

There is nothing like the World Cup to show the incredible potential of social collaboration, as literally billions of people across the globe are sharing in the thrilling pinnacle of the beautiful game.

04 Jun

Authentication for External SharePoint

Securely publishing SharePoint externally using Web Application Proxy

When exposing SharePoint externally it is commonly desired to use a reverse proxy to act as a secure-endpoint for SharePoint. The primary purpose of this device or software-based application, is to carry out pre-authentication of connections