14 Apr

Responsive Design with SharePoint

Responsive Design with SharePoint

It is no secret that SharePoint is wildly popular, with nearly 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies using it. Similarly, responsive design continues to be a dominant topic across the tech landscape as mobile devices represent an

09 Apr

Content Governance with Sitecore

Content Governance with Sitecore

Building a new website takes a considerable amount of investment from your company. Therefore, after its launch, it is extremely important that your team is ready to maintain it properly. The sooner you plan the future governance of your site

07 Apr

Cloud Myths

3 Cloud Computing Myths Busted

SharePoint is not new in the world of enterprise technology. However with SharePoint Online and Office 365 there is one additional element that is turning heads for businesses everywhere: the Cloud.

03 Apr

SharePoint 2013 Mobile Features

SharePoint 2013 Mobile Features

A big driver for organisations upgrading from older versions of SharePoint to SharePoint 2013 is accessing the new mobile features that have been released. These features not only allow better viewing of SharePoint content on mobile devices

01 Apr

User Personas

User Personas – Why Bother?

When explaining personas during workshops, I almost always hear the question, "Isn't this personas stuff just fluff? How exactly are these personas going to provide any real value to what you build?"

27 Mar

SharePoint Project Management

​BrightStarr's Top Tips for SharePoint Project Management

As a SharePoint Project Manager, the client looks to you first to determine the path ahead. They have called you, because you are the expert and have seen how other businesses have solved similar problems. To understand what your client needs

25 Mar

5 awesome things

​5 Awesome things about Enterprise Social

Since the creation of the original blog, social media has continued to develop and evolve in new and exciting ways, enabling fast and more collaborative communication.

20 Mar

The 80/20 Rule

How the 80/20 rule applies to SharePoint

Developing SharePoint solutions specific to your company needs can take advantage of the millions of dollars Microsoft has already put into research for the resolution of the top business issues.