13 Nov

Sam's Sessions

Sam's Sessions November 2014

At BrightStarr we pride ourselves on being The SharePoint Experts, and we hire the best talent around and we are lucky enough to be working alongside two Microsoft Certified Masters.

06 Nov

New York Roadshow

Microsoft Unily Roadshow - New York Roundup

Yesterday was the kick-off event for Microsoft Unily Roadshow which is taking place across the US at the moment showcasing out-of-the-box Unily cloud Intranets.

30 Oct

Internal Comms Matter

Internal comms are essential to enterprise success. But the question is why?

It is really interesting to consider how essential internal communications are becoming to enterprise success. But the burning question has to be why? What is the real value of an internal communications platform and strategy, and who benefits?

22 Oct

Changing vendor focus

Will Office 365 change vendor focus?

Office 365 is a comprehensive platform that delivers main pillars like email, calendar, collaboration (including search, document management...etc.), unified communications and social.

06 Oct

SharePoint Website Design

Why not SharePoint website design?

In a recent survey by BrightStarr of SharePoint users only 7% of the businesses surveyed were using SharePoint for any public-facing websites. For large enterprises and organizations SharePoint can be a highly capable website management platform.

22 Sep

Windows 8.1 App

Say hello to the brand new Unily Windows 8.1 experiences!

At the start of September BrightStarr launched Unily cloud Intranets as a Service, the out-of-the-box Intranet solution that unites the very best of the Microsoft cloud. Since launch, Unily has seen great success, including being recognized by Microsoft

18 Sep

The Future of Microsoft Partners

The changing shape of Microsoft partners

It is no secret that Satya Nadella is shaking things up at Microsoft and things are looking really exciting at the moment! However, all of these changes at Microsoft also reflect a need for Microsoft partners to adapt to this new approach.

11 Sep

Coding For Kids

Coding for Kids – What it Says About User Education

From the start of this school year children as young as five in the UK will start to learn coding. What does this tell us about the future of modern economies?