20 Jul

Knowledge Management Intranet Legal

The necessity of better knowledge management for the legal sector

Practising law is all about people and knowledge. Firm's clients are entitled to the benefits of collective, accumulated knowledge that is gathered from all around the business.

13 Jul

Award-winning Intranet Solution

What makes an award-winning intranet solution?

With the deadline for the Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Awards fast approaching, we're asking ourselves - What is the magic formula that makes these sites so successful and how do we translate this into a strategy for our future clients?

16 Jun

Summer 2015 Speaking Engagements

Summer 2015 Speaking Engagements

Upon returning from this years’ hugely successful SharePoint Saturday event in the Netherlands on June 6th 2015, I’m really pleased to be speaking at two community events in London in the coming weeks.

15 Jun

Innovation intranet

Can your intranet drive innovation?

Can intranets help how companies innovate? That was the question posed to a panel of industry experts at our BrightStarr seminar on ‘What makes an award-winning intranet?

10 Jun

The Power of JSOM

​The power of JSOM

I’ve been a SharePoint developer for several years now and over that time have dabbled with the REST API and JavaScript Object Model (JSOM). This blog focuses around the content creation hub in Office 365 using JSOM.

02 Jun

BrightStarr Double Win

BrightStarr Shines Twice as Brightly Today, Thanks to Unily and Microsoft

Today is a banner day for BrightStarr, with two big announcements coming out of their corporate headquarters. Microsoft has just announced that BrightStarr is a Global Partner of the Year Finalist for Collaboration and Content.

01 Jun

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2015

Consider the following scenario: Employees of a large organisation use SharePoint Online for the majority of their workloads such as OneDrive for Business, Team Site collaboration etc., perfect for sales guys on the move.

31 May

Unily Spring Updates

Unily Continues to Blossom with Spring 2015 Updates

We talk a lot about the importance of how our Unily intranet platform is evergreen and continues to appreciate rather than depreciate over time. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce all the latest and greatest features of our Spring Update!