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Digital Workplace Solutions. To Solve Any Business Need.

Digital connectivity is electricity; it’s an integral part of how most business and organizations operate. Suffer a lack of connectivity, then pretty much everything a company does – including communicating to its customer – will quickly grind to a half.

We create solutions that help global organizations bring together all of their internal and external digital operations into a single coherent strategy. Unifying how your business operates and communicates through a common platform of digital tools and services. This is the pinnacle of a true digital workplace.

Whether it’s an intranet solution, document management solution or custom enterprise app, our goal in every project is to improve staff engagement, operational efficiency, product delivery and your customers’ expectations. We work with the best of enterprise technology to make that happen.

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Intranets and Portals. We Create Award-Winning Collaboration Solutions.

Intranets are the lifeblood of what we do at BrightStarr. We specialize in producing exceptional portals, cloud-based intranets and custom SharePoint intranet solutions that have unique, innovative functionalities and sleekly styled experiences that will engage employees, improve processes and drive collaboration.

We use the best of enterprise technology such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Unily to build award-winning intranets and portals that are the right fit for you, weaving together elements such as mobility, social and multi-lingual to deliver extremely personalized and targeted experiences for your employees.

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Enterprise Applications. Unique Apps to Support Your Digital Workplace.

A custom software product can enable you to reduce cost, create value and gain competitive advantage. At BrightStarr, we have a wealth of expertise in building robust applications for business, when off the shelf software just isn't suitable. Whether it's a document management solution, website or line of business application to meet a unique business need, our diverse team create usable and beautiful products that will help your employees do their best work.

Talk to us to see how Unily Hub can help you transform your digital workplace quickly and beautifully.

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Mobile Applications. To Engage the Diverse Workforce.

The rise of bring your own device (BYOD), cloud platforms and mobile development frameworks has created the perfect storm for enterprises to take advantage of mobile platforms. Whether you need to communicate with disperse employees, create a supply chain application, or provide your customers with a way to consume content on a smart phone, a custom mobile app can be an effective way to create value and build a competitive advantage.

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Cloud Infrastructure. Creating Solid Foundations for your Business.

We plan, architect and implement cloud-hosted infrastructure to deliver world-class productivity solutions to our clients, helping you take advantage of Microsoft Azure. We harness a number of key technologies in the Microsoft Azure stack, from Azure Web Apps to geo-distributed Virtual Machines.

We work with our clients to offload core infrastructure that resides on-premises today, to plan, shift and integrate components into a cloud-hosted environment in the future. We offer strategic and technical guidance to evaluate existing application workloads that are hosted on-premises, that would be better suited to the cloud. Delivering access, performance and scalability benefits as well as cost savings.

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