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Unily Engage. The Internal Comms Solution that Connects Your Employees.

Today’s organizations need to keep their employees informed and engaged no matter their job function. Unily Engage is the answer for organizations who want all of their employees to have access to company internal communications, but may not require the full Office 365-based experience that comes with Unily Hub. It is the perfect product for employees who may represent a retail brand in a store front or work off-site in a warehouse environment, allowing as many employees as possible to be a part of your organization's culture and communications.

Unily Engage on Various Devices

I need to engage my field workers with what's happening in our organization

I need a feature-full, mobile intranet that's compatible with any device

I need a managed and
supported intranet that continues to add value

Your Diverse Workforce. Always Kept In The Loop.

Your employees want to be informed and feel empowered. Until now, fast and targeted dissemination of information to the furthest reaches of an organization may have been difficult and costly. With Unily Engage’s powerful connection and content delivery system, you can get your message out to employees that need to know, regardless of their geography, language or device choice.

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You're Connected. Anywhere, Anytime.

We live in a connected and mobile world. If your organization’s internal communications are not accessible to employees outside of the workplace or work hours, you are not only missing an opportunity to realize greater efficiencies, you are also not providing an anticipated communication experience for your employees.

Unily Engage brings device-agnostic, branded communications to your people allowing them to connect to your business whenever and however works best for them. It’s easy to empower your organization with Unily Engage.

Why mobile working is essential for employees
Why mobile working is essential for employees
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How cloud & mobile support intranet adoption
How cloud & mobile support intranet adoption
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Feature Full. The Tools You Need for A Successful Digital Workplace.

Personalized Internal Communications

Internal communications are created and delivered barrier-free. It simply doesn’t matter what device employees utilize, where they are located, what language they speak or what role they fill in the company. Unily Hub delivers the content they need quickly, relevantly and responsively.

People Profiles & Directory

Each employee has their own People Profile to share their expertise and essential information, all seamlessly integrated with Skype for Business for instant communication. A supporting Directory with a rapid refining search connects People, Groups and Equipment in seconds.

Native Mobile Apps

Unily delivers native apps for Windows, Android and iOS. The full-featured mobile experience goes beyond the ability to receive content passively, allowing users to dynamically search for what they need. Access to the people directory enables employees to locate their colleagues and connect with them directly.

Newsletters & Notifications

Unily Engage helps you market to your own employees with rapid, intuitive newsletter creation and publication functionality. Direct from the CMS, content editors can create engaging, responsive email newsletters that get the important messages out fast. This combined with notification functionality means employees will never miss a beat.

No Language Barriers

Unily has been created to break down barriers, delivering unrivalled multi-lingual capabilities. One-to-one language specific content publishing is simple with our intuitive Content Management System. Employees participate on one united platform in their own language, without compromising the content or experience.

Badges & Gamification

Gamification functionality in the form of profile Badges helps to drive motivation of employees and interaction with the intranet. Content editors can create custom badges to reward anything from subject matter experts, compliance or individual achievement awards. Badges are highlighted direct on employee's profiles, encouraging competition amongst peers.

Content Management System

The unique Content Management System built on Microsoft Azure has been created with non-technical users in mind. Intuitive and user friendly, all users are empowered to utilize publishing functionality without relying on IT support.

Forms, Polls and Surveys

Task management and feedback is easy with Unily's built in Forms, Polls and Surveys. All managed through the Content Management System, content editors can quickly create their own forms and monitor incoming completions and communications.

An Evergreen SAAS Solution. With Continuous Feature Releases.

Our commitment is to ensure that your Unily platform remains evergreen and fresh with continual updates that add new features and mirror both the technical and aesthetic changes happening inside and outside of your organization.

Unily runs on the Microsoft Azure platform and is integrated with the best of Microsoft Office 365; SharePoint Online, Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business. Each customer has a single tenanted installation, a unique approach to a SAAS solution that provides practical advantage. Personalization and customization is not restricted and data security and storage meet your unique needs. Unily can even be run on hybrid or on-premises architectures if private or shared cloud is not appropriate to your requirements.

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Customer Success. Driving Adoption and Business Value.

Long-term return on investment is driven by support, governance, and continuous improvement. We understand these dynamics and that is why Unily Hub and Unily Engage combine both a software platform and a set of ongoing services. We believe your adoption curve shouldn't have unexpected peaks and valleys, but should steadily grow over time as your business gains more value from your digital workplace.

In order to show your staff how these tools can help their work, you need to create a more nuanced adoption strategy tailored around the value each of your different business and functional areas can derive from it. For example, marketing might have a bias towards more collaborative tools, as compared to finance which might be more interested in document management capability. Being more specific with tailored messages for your varied staff – such as shop floor staff or those in operations - will significantly help each of them understand how to get more from technology in their daily work. It’s all about finding new ways to set and clarify expectations.

Talk to us to see how Unily Engage can help you transform your digital workplace quickly and beautifully.

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Unily Pricing. Our Products Maximize Return on Investment.

Your Unily Engage internal communications platform, deployed on Microsoft Azure, is suitable for employees that may not require the full Office 365 experiences that come with Unily Hub. Unily Engage is fully supported and in line with the Unily Hub roadmap.

  • 1 - 500 users
  • Unily Engage Experiences
  • Full platform benefits
  • Customer success program
  • Evergreen roadmap features
  • Telephone & email support - 1 admin
  • 500 - 1000 users
  • Unily Engage Experiences
  • Full platform benefits
  • Customer success program
  • Evergreen roadmap features
  • Telephone & email support - 2 admins
  • Enterprise plan
  • Unily Engage Experience
  • Full platform benefits
  • Customer success program
  • Evergreen roadmap features
  • Telephone & email support - 6 admins
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The Unily Team. Our People Are What Make Us.

We recognize that our people are our greatest asset and as a team, we have the perfect blend of user experience and technical skills, that enable us to deliver extraordinary digital experiences. Everyone at BrightStarr is an individual valued for their skills, capabilities and experience, but we all have four things in common - a passion for; technology, innovation, creativity and customer service. Here is a selection of some of our Starrs.