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Four reasons to be a BrightStarr SharePoint consultant

Here at BrightStarr we wanted to know what our consultants love the most about working with us and without further ado, here is what they had to say about BrightStarr careers.

Four reasons to be a BrightStarr SharePoint consultant

There are a lot of different SharePoint consultancies in the market today but they aren't all the same. When you are considering where to take your SharePoint expertise, it is important to know exactly what you will be able to achieve with your employer. At BrightStarr we know that achieving business success is all about good partnerships, and this goes for our staff too. As one of the foremost leaders in digital enterprise consultancy, working exclusively with the Microsoft enterprise technologies, we employ the very best SharePoint consultants because we really offer a great place to work. The way we support our staff so that they can achieve personally whilst delivering for BrightStarr is what allows us to retain one of the highest number of Microsoft MVP's of any independent software integrator. Here at BrightStarr we wanted to know what our consultants love the most about working with us and without further ado, here is what they had to say about BrightStarr careers.

1. We work with the best brands

BrightStarr is an industry leading, award winning digital consultancy working exclusively with Microsoft enterprise technology. We recognise the value that we can deliver for our clients and what's more, our clients recognise it too. With our thought leadership and superior SharePoint project delivery, we get to collaborate with the most high profile brands that want to work with the very best on their SharePoint solutions. Organizations such as Barclays, LinkLaters, Laing O'Rourke, Nokia, EE, Mulberry and many more have all chosen BrightStarr because they know that our teams deliver brilliant enterprise solutions time and time again. Why not check out some of our previous SharePoint projects to see what it is we do for our many and varied clients.

2. You work with the best colleagues

You don't deliver world class solutions without world class teams, and our teams really are world class. BrightStarr hires the very best SharePoint talent from across the globe to ensure our staff have the inspired technical and business knowledge to understand how to deliver brilliant digital enterprise solutions. When you work on any BrightStarr project every member of the project team is at the top of their game and knows their stuff.

3. Up-skill on the cutting edge

The Microsoft enterprise technology stack evolves rapidly and so do the businesses that use it. BrightStarr understands the reality of this situation, and this is one of the many reasons we are a Microsoft Gold Partner. We enjoy unparalleled access to Microsoft experts with all the inside knowledge, so that our staff are always operating on the cutting edge of digital enterprise solutions. The nature of our Microsoft connection is supported by the staff we hire, because we hire experts that want to use their knowledge to challenge the status quo in delivering the best solutions for our clients. Innovation is at the heart of what we do as we always push the boundaries of what can be achieved with Microsoft's enterprise technolgy.

4. Expert Knowledge Matters

BrightStarr hires the best and brightest to join its consultancy team to ensure that our clients are getting the best solutions when they choose to work with us. Our consultants are the business brain power behind the tailored solutions that deliver greater digital collaboration and tangible return on investment. This is where BrightStarr's hiring process closes the loop on our enterprise IT expertise. We deliver the very best sharepoint solutions which has earned BrightStarr its reputation. This reputation is maintained by retaining the best talent to continue to deliver to the standard that has come to be expected of our solutions.

With 8 years building this reputation of delivering digital excellence, when you work for BrightStarr your opinion is respected and your knowledge and insight really matters to your clients. They recognise you are the best at what you do and that allows you to guide leading global organizations through business change, as they overcome some of the most exciting modern business challenges.

With its continuing success BrightStarr is growing its consultancy teams across the UK and the US. If you think you've got what it takes to be a BrightStarr Rockstarr then check out our careers page below for our current vacancies or just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Hugh Wilkinson Infrastructure Consultant

One of BrightStarr's longest standing residents, Hugh has watched the company grow from its humble beginnings into the global force it is today.

Hugh's time is spent dealing more with our clients' SharePoint infrastructure and administrative requirements, consulting on the implementation and configuration of farms of all shapes and sizes, from the small to the globally dispersed topologies, as well as all aspects of administering and maintaining SharePoint Farms in accordance with the latest best practices. He works extensively with the UK teams when it comes to delivering and upgrading to platform solutions for SharePoint and other Microsoft Enterprise solutions.

Hugh is a keen rugby player and is part of the running crew at BrightStarr UK (Sam, Rich and Ralph being other notable members).

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