Analysing Forrester's SharePoint survey​

In October last year Forrester, the technology research and analysis company, released the results of its global SharePoint usage survey.

Analysing Forrester's SharePoint survey​

It makes interesting reading (details can be found here though there is a cost to buy the full report), covering a number of areas such as Yammer, Office 365 and mobile.

With the new year arriving we have been discussing internally the types of projects we are likely to see in 2014, and it was with that in mind that two areas of the report jumped out at us. These tie in with our wider predictions for 2014 (you can find them here) and we thought they were worth expanding upon.

Yammer and sticky SharePoint

The first area concerned a question about Yammer:

"Are you using or planning to use Yammer to augment SharePoint"

Answer % of respondents
No plans to adopt Yammer 53
No, we see Yammer as a separate project from SharePoint 22
Yes in the next 12 months 8
Yes in the next 6 months 4
Yes, we are using Yammer now and plan to expand Yammer usage 5
Yes, we are using Yammer now 8


The striking thing here was 53% of people who answered this survey don't plan to adopt Yammer. This seems very high, and is pretty much at odds with what our clients have been telling us. As 2013 came to a close there was a real buzz building about Yammer and we think 2014 will be a big year for the product. Some of our teams have already begun working on some exciting projects that really start to fuse social elements with the traditional Intranet. Whilst the concept of 'Intranet 2.0' has been around for a while, we think we are finally starting to see some really ground breaking concepts.

In the past we've done a lot of work in the past with SharePoint MySites. This feature of the platform, giving users their own corner of the Intranet, has always been popular. But it is often hard to keep users engaged. We think Yammer could be the 'social glue' needed to make MySites sticky. Yammer can bring real people, regular updates, and fresh content directly into MySites. Why do people check back into Facebook so often? To see what has changed. We think Yammer might bring this to SharePoint. 

SharePoint on the go

A second question asked:

"Do you have a SharePoint mobility solution?"

Answer % of respondents
No 39
No, but we have a strategy to implement SharePoint for mobile devices 23
No, we are waiting for Microsoft to support the devices we use 16
Don't know 7
Yes, we licensed a third party solution 8
Yes, we built a custom solution 7

Now only 30% of respondents were using a version of SharePoint 2013, which we think accounts for the poor showing of mobile in this question. SharePoint 2010 and 2007, whilst perfectly usable​ on a mobile device, don't offer the 'app experience' that many users now expect.

SharePoint 2013 is much better equipped in this area, and again we expect 2014 to be a good year for SharePoint in this respect. Type 'SharePoint' into your iPhone app store and the following official Microsoft apps pop up:

  • SharePoint Newsfeed - An easy way to monitor your SharePoint activity feeds
  • Microsoft OneNote - Note taking version of the desktop software that syncs with SharePoint
  • Office Mobile for Office 365 - Access, edit and view Office docs stored in your Office 365 environment
  • SkyDrive Pro - Access your SharePoint documents offline and on the move

There are also some really impressive apps from respected names like Colligo, Harmonie and SharePlus. Not only are these stable mature tools that really add to what you can do with SharePoint on the move, but they all interact with older versions of the platform.

We are excited to see the use cases grow and grow for mobile in 2014, and we anticipate the results of Foresters 2014 survey to show a much more positive attitude in this area.​

Mark Sahal Head of Client Services

Mark leads the Project Management team as well as working to coordinate the Consulting, Support and Development team alongside Sam Hassani and Michael Draisey. Having studied Business and Finance in the late 90's, Mark embarked on a career in IT in 2001, working in various roles over 11 years and joining BrightStarr in 2012.

Mark successfully blends business and technical knowledge to deliver a balanced result that factors in the needs of the entire business. Mark has a passion for delivering outstanding service and building long term partnerships and lives in Surrey.

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