BrightStarr Announced as​ Members of the n​ew Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program

The YCEPP​ certification has been developed to train and certify personnel as key partners in implementing this social technology and providing support to customers as they embark on their social journey.

BrightStarr Announced as​ Members of the n​ew Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program

Enterprise social presents an opportunity for organisations to work differently and customers often require additional support to implement the technology a​nd to understand the required cultural transformation. This is something that BrightStarr have shown that they really understand in their recent work with both Yammer and their clients developing and deploying enterprise social platforms.

Most recently, BrightStarr have completed an exciting enterprise social implementation with the Rugby Football Union, the governing body of rugby in England (of which ​a video case study can be found ​​​here​)​. With the Rugby World Cup 2015 soon to arrive on home soil, the RFU has adopted enterprise social technology to support its work to grow the game of r​ugby surrounding the tournament. The solution is giving the RFU’s 550-strong workforce new ways of sharing news and information, helping with their efforts to develop all aspects of community and professional rugby. Working with the RFU on their intranet, which had a specific focus on enterprise social, was a fresh new challenge for BrightStarr. We not only worked very closely with Yammer in developing a bespoke enterprise social solution, but we also got to be part of the organisational engagement, delivery and rapid take up of the solution by the staff, especially the Yammer platform.

BrightStarr have participated in specific training to become certified as Yammer Power Users, Administrators and Community Managers in order to achieve their YCEPP position. Each certification track requires completing a variety of activities, such as a series of workshops, online courses and other training opportunities. Participants were provided the tools to help customers toward successful enterprise social adoption and to tailor their specific business initiatives around using Yammer. This will allow BrightStarr to deliver best in class solutions in the field of enterprise social using the Yammer platform.

BrightStarr’s close working relationship with Yammer and their innovative development teams has led to an invite to attend Yammer’s Working Social Tour alongside the RFU in order to expose just how effective enterprise social can be when implemented effectively. BrightStarr’s announcement of being a part of the Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program, arrives on the back of their Nielsen Norman award for best intranet design 2014, as well as the announcement that they have the largest number of speaking engagements of any independent software integrator at the SharePoint Conference 2014. ​​​​​

Sam Hassani Principal Consultant

‘Sensible’ Sam is an asset to the consulting team. Having jumped the fence from Microsoft a few years back, he now consults and designs large scale SharePoint, O365 and Azure solutions for BrightStarr. His conscientious approach got him his nickname, and although he’s not afraid to take risks, he’s always a safe bet. Delivering stable, well thought out solutions time and time again.

In his previous job, he specialized in SharePoint, working in the field and with the product team, Sam is genuinely excited by his vocation and speaks at conferences and events with enthusiasm. Just don’t get him started on hybrid search! At the weekend Sam likes to ride his road bike and hang out with his young son.

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