BrightStarr become a Worldwide MTC Alliance Partner

BrightStarr is pleased to announce their already close relationship with Microsoft has been strengthened. BrightStarr, who have been working closely with Microsoft for many years, have been selected to become part of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Alliances program.

BrightStarr become a Worldwide MTC Alliance Partner

A small number of elite partners helping to deliver Microsoft technology

Members of this elite alliance work together with Microsoft on joint initiatives and customer engagements, and are chosen from the very best in the industry. BrightStarr is one of just a handful of services partners involved in augmenting Microsoft’s capabilities to deliver complete customer solutions.

Will Saville - Founder, BrightStarr commented: “Our induction into the MTC Alliances Program formalizes and further strengthens the relationship we have with Microsoft and it is a great accolade to be recognized in this way. My focus now is to ensure both BrightStarr and Microsoft make the most of this excellent opportunity to additional innovative and business-driven SharePoint engagements to our clients.”

Martyn Davis - Manager, MTC Thames Valley, Microsoft, added: “Being leaders in the SharePoint field and with a strong global presence, we saw BrightStarr as a perfect fit for the program. With their strong heritage in SharePoint solutions, and pre-involvement in the release of SharePoint 2013, we look forward to working together to drive joint initiatives and offerings to our customers”.

Richard Paterson Co-Founder

A technology enthusiast and an obsessive problem solver, Rich co-founded BrightStarr with Will in 2006. Rich was previously a physicist with an incredible curiosity to discover how things worked and how to make them even better. Will had a natural ability for visual creativity and aesthetics. After working with Will at a previous company, they soon discovered that when they brought their talents together, they were able to generate remarkably engaging and disruptive solutions.

As Joint Co-Founder, Rich is still actively involved in all parts of the business and has helped grow BrightStarr to be synonymous with SharePoint in both the UK and US markets. Whether it’s working on solving a technical challenge with the Development team or innovating with the Unily product, Rich won’t stop until the problem is solved.

In 2009 Rich was recognized for his achievements in business by being selected as one of the Top 30 Young Entrepreneurs in the Young Guns awards.

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