BrightStarr's top tips for SharePoint project management

Managing a complex technology project on time, on budget and with undeniable client satisfaction is always filled with challenges. The following are some unique considerations for SharePoint projects.

BrightStarr's top tips for SharePoint project management

Assess Clients and Their End User

As a SharePoint Project Manager, the client looks to you first to determine the path ahead. They have called you, because you are the expert and have seen how other businesses have solved similar problems. To understand what your client needs, you first need to understand their business, their end users and the project scope. Listening and understanding the clients' uniqueness is critical to delivering truly world-class end user experience.

Understand Client Needs and Educate the Client on SharePoint Capabilities

Understanding the collaborative features of SharePoint is key to guiding your client to the right solution for their business needs. How are they collaborating now? What are their pain points? SharePoint offers a wide variety of features that can be both confusing and intimidating to those who are new or novices to the platform. As a SharePoint Project Manager, identifying the customer’s needs and tying it to specific, standard SharePoint functionality is a great opportunity to build confidence and comfort with the project and project teams. Showing them out-of-the-box functionalities that they may not have thought of is an easy win for both you and the client. Sharing these wins, that's the point in making a difference with your project stakeholders.

Remember Training

Hopefully, you are building a intranet / extranet / website or application that is intuitive and easy to use but don't underestimate the value of training. Within your SharePoint Projects p​rovide simple tools and guides for the end user as well as making sure the administrators feel confident about maintaining the product after you have gone. A proper hand off of the solution goes a long way in preserving sanity even after the project has concluded. Remember, one of the biggest advantages of SharePoint is that it empowers business evolution by the users. SharePoint is meant to be dynamic.

Acknowledge the Value of Governance for SharePoint

Governance is a typically overlooked policy and procedures feature in SharePoint deployments. Clients often struggle to understand what governance is and why they need a governance plan. Reining in content, versioning, duplication and security is key to a successful SharePoint implementation. Helping clients understand the importance of governance can help them ensure a successful SharePoint solution.

Eat, Drink and Sleep Your SharePoint Projects with Clients

Clients notice if you aren’t using the features of SharePoint to effectively manage your own project. Take the opportunity to build custom SharePoint lists for requirements gathering, action items, and issue tracking. Do you have a SharePoint Extranet that your business shares with its clients? Not only does using SharePoint to manage your project provide passive guidance for your client, but it also provides the client a measure of confidence in your skills as a SharePoint Project Manager. It's difficult to talk the talk, if you don't walk the walk.

SharePoint projects are never simple and they require a unique approach to achieve the very best results. BrightStarr has eight years of experience in delivering world-class solutions with the Microsoft enterprise platforms, so why not check out our approach to project excellence via the button below.

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