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Creating and consuming global communications with Unily

At BrightStarr, we’re committed to ensuring your intranet drives tangible benefits across five capabilities: Communication, networking, productivity, collaboration and knowledge. Individually or used together, they illustrate the myriad ways your intranet investment will provide value to your business.

In our new video, see how our intranet-as-a-service product Unily can help to streamline everyday global communications with simple, yet powerful tools.

We ensure communication success with our unique analytics and adoption programme as part of our inclusive customer success services. From setup to launch, we’ll work with you to configure Unily in the best way to meet your success criteria, monitoring your progress and helping you refine your communications strategy to ensure maximum results. This could be anything from advising on what type of content is most popular, monitoring engagement on social channels or identifying areas for improvement.

To learn more about how Unily can help drive better communication, download our guide today 8 ways a modern intranet can transform your internal communications or get in touch to arrange a 1-1 demo.

Paul Jackson Managing Director EMEA

Paul uses his years of experience in the technology industry to run the show at BrightStarr UK. In his role as managing director, he is responsible for fostering steady growth and continued profitability, alongside Will and Rich. He is a ‘lead from the front’ kind of guy who uses his 25 years of industry experience to challenge and motivate his team. After working for a range of consultancies all over the world, and Microsoft themselves, Paul has learnt from the best. Every day, he applies that knowledge to make him the pro-active and pragmatic leader he is. Paul is passionate about new technology, and has a particular interest in all things cloud based, mobile and UX, making him a great fit for BrightStarr’s forward thinking environment.

 Paul is a big fan of gadgets, football, travelling and friends. He is a family man with two kids who keep him busy when he’s not in the office.

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