Expert intranet adoption panel lined up for BrightStarr UK seminar

In our upcoming seminar​ on Thursday the 14th April, we’re talking all about intranet adoption: a topic that our clients come to us with day in, day out.

Expert intranet adoption panel lined up for BrightStarr UK seminar

It’s a thorny issue, as unless your intranet is adopted, it will have little chance of adding much value to your business. But getting your adoption strategy right is equally challenging since it's a balancing act of so many internal and external factors.

Our Masterclass will provide a wealth of practical advice to help you, whether you’re at the start of your intranet journey or you’re just about to launch a new one.

And there’s no better way to learn these lessons for your own projects than to hear from those who have succeeded. We’re thrilled to announce an expert panel of digital workplace managers for Thursday’s session:

Majbritt Rohde Murmann, Intranet Manager at Velux

On Thursday, Intranet Manager Majbritt will be sharing Velux’s story of launching a new solution to a global organization made up of thousands of widely spread employees. With built in Yammer capabilities, translation functions and targeted content, we’ll learn exactly how successful the new digital workplace has been since launch and how they’re managing to maintain superb adoption rates.

If you haven’t already seen the animated video that the world’s leading manufacturer of window and skylights, Velux, produced to launch their digital workplace to their employees, take a look now. It is a humorous explanation of the benefits of their brand new Office 365 based intranet and is a shining example of the passion it takes to successfully launch a new technology solution.

Tereza Urbankova, Head of Communications at Amec Foster Wheeler

Also joining the agenda is Tereza, intranet manager at Amec Foster Wheeler, a global engineering company focusing on oil and gas. Having led the project in 2015 to launch Yammer into the newly merged Amec Foster Wheeler, Tereza knows what it takes to turn painfully low adoption rates into a glowing example of technologies ability to connect employees. Amec Foster Wheeler’s Yammer platform now has over 25,000 users, including senior leaders, and 12,000 are actively engaged.

In our seminar, Tereza will be talking through their Yammer story, explaining how Amec Foster Wheeler managed to turn the platform around to be a key collaboration tool. We’ll also be discussing how Amec Foster Wheeler intend to use their new intranet solution Unily, to take them on the next step of their journey to improved collaboration.

Toby Jones, Internal Communications Manager at the RFU

The governing body of rugby in the England, the RFU, came to us in 2013 to work on a new intranet portal to help connect employees and drive collaboration. At the time, implementing a social intranet with Yammer integration hadn’t been done before and was new to the RFU’s 700 employees. This meant it was essential that the launch of the platform was done right in order to drive maximum usage.

Two years on, how are they maintaining steady adoption of their platform and what plans do they have to insure these statistics stay high? Toby will be joining our intranet adoption panel on Thursday to answer these questions and more. Giving his advice on how to manage content, the intranet team and governance for the best results.

As well as our guest speakers, our top consultants will be sharing their top tops for technology adoption throughout the day. If you haven’t already booked you place, here’s a reminder of our full agenda:

Adoption masterclass agenda

9:00 – 9:30: Coffee and Registration

9:30 – 9:40: Seminar Kick-off

9:40 – 10:15: Laying the foundations for a successful intranet- How to bridge the gap between expectations and value and how to find the right technology to meet your needs.

10:15 – 10:45: How to successfully launch a new intranet - Majbritt Rohde Murmann, Intranet Manager at Velux discusses the launch of their global digital workplace and how they’re maintaining high adoption rates

11:00 – 11:45: How to Foster Adoption - Tereza Rohde Murmann, Intranet Manager at Amec Foster Wheeler discusses how they turned around low Yammer adoption rates and how they now manage a thriving social portal

11:45 – 12:15: Intranet Adoption Panel – Our panel of experts answer your adoption questions. Featuring:

  • Majbritt Rohde Murmann, Intranet Manager at Velux
  • Tereza Urbankova, Head of Communications​ (Global, Intranet) at Amec Foster Wheeler
  • Toby Jones, Internal Comms Manager at the RFU
  • Matthew Boyd, Unily Customer Success Manager at BrightStarr

12:15 – 12:30 – Wrap up and takeaways

Haven’t booked your place?

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About our seminars

If you haven’t been to a BrightStarr event before, we hold seminars and webinars throughout the year that focus around the digital workplace, typically with the goal to help guide you on utilizing technology to help your employees work smarter.

Martyn Perks Head of Customer Insight

Martyn is a business consultant with wide ranging experience in both public and private sectors. His expertise is in helping world-wide and small organisations improve how they communicate, share knowledge and innovate internally — aiding their growth and competitiveness. He works with senior leadership to front-line staff advising and mentoring them with compelling insights, recommendations, prototypes and business cases. Because his background is in design, he uses these skills whenever possible to help make complex ideas simple, in tandem with tangible and insightful analysis.

In addition to his consultancy work, Martyn regularly speaks, produces debates, and writes about a wide variety of topics including about privacy, big data, social media, innovation, design, 3D printing, behaviour change, usability, architecture, and artificial intelligence. Publications he has written for include The Independent, International Business Times, Telegraph business, the Guardian, Big Issue, Core77, Design Week, Netimperative, spiked, Web Designer Depot and CMS Wire. He co-authored Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy: How to Engage Customers Online to Gain Competitive Advantage (2008), contributed a chapter on online communities to The Future of Community: reports of a death greatly exaggerated (2008); founded the Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation; and conveyed the Big Potatoes: Manifesto for Design group.

He has spoken at debates across Europe and in America including at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Battle of Ideas festival, Design Exchange at the London Design Festival, Anglo Israeli Association in Jerusalem, Zurich Salon, Dublin Salon, Hellenic American Union in Athens, London College of Fashion, and at the private members club Home House. He has appeared on R4’s PM radio news programme debating whether blue-skies thinking is a management fad with FT’s Lucy Kellaway, and more recently debated whether artificially intelligent machines will take over humanity on SkyNews’ lunchtime #SkyDebate. Thankfully, he said they are still lightyear’s away from being as smart as us!

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