Intra.NET Reloaded

Last week BrightStarr sponsored Intra.NET Reloaded and it was an outstanding event! It promised to be a place for openly discussing the challenges that organizations from across all verticals were facing in delivering exceptional intranets.

Intra.NET Reloaded

The core presentation track featured a host of recognizable names talkin​g about their intranet journeys and the latest innovative solutions they have implemented. BrightStarr was lucky enough to have not one but two clients speaking at the event.


Linklaters' spoke about their new knowledge management solution and how enterprise search was delivering quantifiable gains for billable staff in finding the information they needed faster than ever before.

Read about Linklater's SharePoint intranet project.


The DORMA Office 365 intranet story was focused around the unification of their global business and delivering ‘access to innovation’ through a new social intranet platform. DORMA are one of BrightStarr’s many Unily clients and have unified 7000 users through the platform, increasing daily intranet visits by 148%, and through Unily’s 6 week deployment time frame have seen cost savings in the region of 55% vs. a bespoke intranet solution.

Read about dorma+kaba's Office 365 intranet project.

Aside from the excellent sessions BrightStarr were showcasing a sneak peek of the new Unily 1.6 interface, which provided a sense of the art of the possible with the impressive Office 365 platform. It certainly had more than a few heads turning! Want to see it for yourself? Book your private demo and see how our Intranet as a Service could transform your business.

We were also able to catch up with some of our colleagues in the Office 365 customer success team during some of the brilliant networking events! At BrightStarr we really love talking enterprise technology and how it can improve the way we work. That’s why we hold seminars and webinars to gather and collate our knowledge, sharing our insights with you. In our latest event we are talking ‘What makes an award-winning intranet’ and if you are interested in joining us you can register for free below.

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