Introducing our digital workplace adoption series

Welcome to our digital workplace adoption series. If you struggle with employees engaging with your content, connecting with each other, and getting the most use of your digital workplace, you are not alone

Introducing our digital workplace adoption series

Every day we get asked by companies how to help resolve their adoption woes. That’s why this month we’re putting together a series of content around adoption, compiling our best tips in a series of blogs, videos, whitepapers and events to guide you to getting your employees engaged.

However, to make sure your investment pays off you need to be on top of the overall objective and goals, but also have an eye for the detail to make sure of that perfect fit. We know that this can sound daunting, so we’ve put together our top 10 tips to ensure your success.

​Why are we talking about digital workplace adoption now?

As technology has become cheaper — partly driven by cloud-based hosted data — more operational departments want to place more of what they do onto a digital workplace. From marketing, customer services, corporate affairs to product development, all increasingly want to use technology to create more accessible networks between colleagues, host and make their tools more accessible, and find better ways to share knowledge with one another — all increasing their impact on the bottom line and towards their business’s strategy.

Because of this potential to connect more processes and day-to-day tasks, it places an increased pressure on getting it right and making sure there are no gaps in expectations between the potential business value that these technologies can deliver, and with those expectations of your staff, who must make use of it. Issues can occur when there is an overinflated expectation too early on of what business value can be gained from these tools, without carefully ensuring that these same tools will meet the needs of staff who will only use them when they understand how they will make their work easier and more productive.

Adoption planning is about bridging this gap in expectations to ensure that both business and staff needs are being met, and that they both are clear in the value of what investing in digital workplace technology will bring, ensuring its future investment will not be put at risk.

This May, keep your eyes peeled for our adoption insights including:

  • A series of articles around adoption
  • Customer Stories on tackling adoption in global enterprises
  • A complete guide on​ how to maximize your digital workplace adoption
  • Data from our adoption survey

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Martyn Perks Head of Customer Insight

Martyn is a business consultant with wide ranging experience in both public and private sectors. His expertise is in helping world-wide and small organisations improve how they communicate, share knowledge and innovate internally — aiding their growth and competitiveness. He works with senior leadership to front-line staff advising and mentoring them with compelling insights, recommendations, prototypes and business cases. Because his background is in design, he uses these skills whenever possible to help make complex ideas simple, in tandem with tangible and insightful analysis.

In addition to his consultancy work, Martyn regularly speaks, produces debates, and writes about a wide variety of topics including about privacy, big data, social media, innovation, design, 3D printing, behaviour change, usability, architecture, and artificial intelligence. Publications he has written for include The Independent, International Business Times, Telegraph business, the Guardian, Big Issue, Core77, Design Week, Netimperative, spiked, Web Designer Depot and CMS Wire. He co-authored Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy: How to Engage Customers Online to Gain Competitive Advantage (2008), contributed a chapter on online communities to The Future of Community: reports of a death greatly exaggerated (2008); founded the Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation; and conveyed the Big Potatoes: Manifesto for Design group.

He has spoken at debates across Europe and in America including at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Battle of Ideas festival, Design Exchange at the London Design Festival, Anglo Israeli Association in Jerusalem, Zurich Salon, Dublin Salon, Hellenic American Union in Athens, London College of Fashion, and at the private members club Home House. He has appeared on R4’s PM radio news programme debating whether blue-skies thinking is a management fad with FT’s Lucy Kellaway, and more recently debated whether artificially intelligent machines will take over humanity on SkyNews’ lunchtime #SkyDebate. Thankfully, he said they are still lightyear’s away from being as smart as us!

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