Microsoft's early Christmas gift: Yammer Now ​

Every December, working on-the-go gets taken to another level when the man in red makes his rounds across the globe. Yet given the logistics of getting presents to millions of children, it's understandable why he only does this once a year. Fortunately for him, Microsoft has just announced a quick & easy way to communicate with colleagues, which is sure to make the folks at the North Pole very merry indeed.

Microsoft's early Christmas gift: Yammer Now ​

From Microsoft's December 19th press release:

"Today, we are excited to introduce Yammer Now, a simple and easy-to-use mobile messaging app that allows you to communicate with your colleagues on Yammer even faster than before. With Yammer Now, you can easily initiate and respond to Yammer conversations anytime, anywhere. And there's no need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses, all you need is to login with your work email."

Here are the top features of Yammer Now:

  • Online Presence: allows you to see which coworkers are online & get an instant response
  • Group Messaging: enables you to add participants to a conversation at any time
  • Image Sharing: now you can snap a picture and easily share it with your coworkers
  • Likes: you can Like your colleagues' messages as you chat
  • Push Notifications: you will be able to get real-time alerts once new messages are posted

Here at BrightStarr, we are all very excited to use Yammer Now. Across all of our international offices, everyone has found this to be a great addition to our communications toolset:


While the original Yammer app is great for accessing the social network such as Inbox and Home Feed, the new Yammer Now is designed as a lightweight form of communicating with your team members, wherever they may be.

Yammer Now is available for free download at iTunes Store. We suggest you give it a try and see what it can do for you.

Happy Holidays from the BrightStarr Team!

Michael Draisey Head of Development

Michael is BrightStarr’s Head of Development, although in reality, he does a lot more than that! He is ultimately responsible for the delivery of solutions to clients but also functions as a Product Manager for Unily. Michael is excited about new technology and also has an internal role as a new technology evangelist, spreading the word about hot new software to his colleagues all over the world. Michael was part of the award winning Linklaters project team and has a particular knack for translating complex business requirements into neat technical solutions.

Michael plays 5 a side football and enjoys kung fu in his spare time and is a big fan of the outdoors!

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