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PANDORA awarded Best International campaign at the CIPR #insidestory Awards 2017

Jewellery manufacturer PANDORA has been named as a winner for Best International Campaign at the 2017 CIPR #insidestory Awards.

PANDORA awarded Best International campaign at the CIPR #insidestory Awards 2017

PANDORA’s international campaign was initiated to support the launch of their new Office 365 based digital workplace solution to enable global connectivity for 21,500 employees worldwide.

PANDORA were recognized by CIPR Inside, the chartered body of Chartered Institute of Public Relations dedicated to internal communication and employee engagement, for their outstanding efforts to introduce and train global users on the new intranet solution, named INFORA. This involved the core intranet team travelling to meet and train employees from PANDORA’s key locations including USA, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Australia, Thailand, France, Germany, Poland, British Isles, Dubai and Italy. This human element to launch has been hugely impactful, helping users to understand the benefits of the new solution but also learn new functionality in their own language.

“We’re really proud to receive the CIPR Award for Best International Campaign in London, in recognition of our high-paced but thorough worldwide roll-out and adoption of our new intranet and global digital workplace.” said Morten Dal, Global Intranet Manager, PANDORA. “Creative marketing and sustained training and adoption efforts are really key to a successful implementation and business value.”

Communicating, collaborating and sharing

The new intranet and digital workspace launched at Danish headquarters in June 2016 and an internal marketing campaign kicked-off as global rollout commenced. The intention of the marketing campaign was to ensure that the business benefits of the new intranet were understood but also to help employees understand the new technology that was available to support them. Various marketing activities were undertaken to inspire employees including:

    • On-site training of editors, intranet champions and employees across the globe USA, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Australia, Denmark, UK, Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland.
    • On-site go-live celebrations across the globe with footage captured at sites including Hong-Kong, the USA and Denmark to share the excitement
    • INFORA ‘troops’ present at many offices to promote the new global digital workspace Gift bags given out to every employee with merchandise, power banks and get-started information
    • Fun and informative animated videos created to share the intentions of INFORMA and to take colleagues through new functionality
    • Life size standees of the three intranet cartoon characters were arranged in every office globally, reinforcing the importance of communication, collaboration and sharing
    • Nine different 1-hour training webinars held covering all aspects of the intranet including how to use new Office 365 functionality

This award marks a momentous time for PANDORA, as the intranet team prepare to conclude their international on-boarding campaign in the UK on February 28th. The positive business impact of the campaign is already clear, with a 90% increase in global users with over 57 countries active on the new intranet. With over 8,000 unique monthly visitors, and an 85% increase in visits to local and global news pages, INFORA has achieved its goal of enabling global connectivity.

“We’re thrilled to see one of our clients receive recognition for the outstanding work they have achieved with their digital workplace” said Paul Jackson, Managing Director, BrightStarr. “We look forward to our continuing relationship with PANDORA, working with them to grow and adapt the solution to ensure continued adoption.”

Learn more about PANDORA’s digital workplace solution in our blog here.

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