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It's the end of the line for SharePoint 2010: What's your plan?

SharePoint 2010 brought us a truly enterprise collaboration application, incorporating many of the features familiar to users from the office suite. It opened the door for Brightstarr and our clients to explore not just how far SharePoint could go for document management & collaboration, but also to fully align business processes and share crucial data through a single user interface.

It's the end of the line for SharePoint 2010: What's your plan?

We understand that for many reasons, there has been a hesitation from some clients to upgrade to newer versions, however as with all Microsoft applications, mainstream support is coming to an end.

On October 13th 2015, Microsoft will cease its mainstream support, and move into Extended support which is an additional service offered to organisations at the time of purchasing SharePoint.

What does this mean in real terms though…? Mainstream support offers the following to all customers:

a) The ability to request design changes

b) Security updates

c) Non Security updates

d) Complimentary support

e​) Paid SharePoint 2010 support

With updates and patches ceasing, the risks to users increase. Should assistance from Microsoft be required, the costs can be extensive.

The story however is not bleak. Brightstarr have extensive knowledge of SharePoint 2010, having supported, developed and configured thousands of applications for clients across all iterations of the product. So what are your options..?

Brightstarr are fortunate enough to be part of the exclusive TAP (technology adoption programme) circle. With this, we have been reviewing and providing feedback on SharePoint 2016, and have had the opportunity to start enjoying some of the advancements this brings. Of course, we are subject to certain clauses, preventing us from publishing any information, but it does enable us to offer you the best advice for your future roadmap.

* Brightstarr will look to end SharePoint 2010 support towards the end of 2016

To talk to us about a new solution based on SharePoint 2016, get in touch today.

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Mark leads the Project Management team as well as working to coordinate the Consulting, Support and Development team alongside Sam Hassani and Michael Draisey. Having studied Business and Finance in the late 90's, Mark embarked on a career in IT in 2001, working in various roles over 11 years and joining BrightStarr in 2012.

Mark successfully blends business and technical knowledge to deliver a balanced result that factors in the needs of the entire business. Mark has a passion for delivering outstanding service and building long term partnerships and lives in Surrey.

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