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SharePoint 2013 mobile features

A big driver for organisations upgrading from older versions of SharePoint to SharePoint 2013 is accessing the new mobile features that have been released. These features not only allow better viewing of SharePoint content on mobile devices, but also allow SharePoint to access mobile services such as the location of the device. In this blog post we run down the new SharePoint 2013 mobile features.

SharePoint 2013 mobile features

Push Notifications

Users are now familiar with Apps on their mobile devices sending them push notifications - notifications of important things even when that App is not running. These notifications can be used within SharePoint to alert people when content has been added or changed, or can be triggered by events within workflows.

Making SharePoint Mobile Location Aware

SharePoint 2013's Mobile integration includes a geo-location field that can be used within your SharePoint installation to serve content specific to a location, or log location specific data. There is full display integration through Bing Maps.

Mobile Optimized Browser Views

The mobile browser experience provided by SharePoint Server 2013 provides a viewing experience based on the capability of the device:

  • Contemporary view - optimized mobile browsing experience for later mobile browsers such as Windows Phone 7.5 and Android browser for Android 4.0 onwards
  • Full screen UI - for those devices that can have a full desktop view
  • Classic view - HTML format providing backward compatibility for older mobile browsers

Device Channels

In the previous versions of SharePoint you could only have a single mobile device channel. With SharePoint 2013 you can now have multiple mobile device channels to render the content specifically for a number of different mobile devices.

Mobile BI Dashboards

SharePoint Server 2013 opens up more business intelligence data to mobile devices and this includes Excel Services reports in Safari on iOS 5+ enabling them to be viewed on iPads as well as Windows devices.

Office Web Apps

In keeping with Microsoft's strategy around Office 365 its no surprise that SharePoint 2013 has better mobile viewing and interaction with Office documents such as Word & Excel. The configuration has changed with Office Web Apps Server being a separate product when previously it was part of SharePoint Server 2010.

SharePoint 2013 -​ Summary

SharePoint 2013 tackles the need for users to access and interact with SharePoint systems wherever they are and on a wide range of mobile devices. Not only is the consumption of content on mobile devices greatly improved but the unique functions of mobile devices, specifically geo-location and push notifications can be utilised within SharePoint 2013 mobile ​systems.​

With the possibilities this technology provides we are providing more and more prospective clients with Customer Immersion Experiences so that the technologies can be put into the context of their specific organizational needs.

Michael Draisey Head of Development

Michael is BrightStarr’s Head of Development, although in reality, he does a lot more than that! He is ultimately responsible for the delivery of solutions to clients but also functions as a Product Manager for Unily. Michael is excited about new technology and also has an internal role as a new technology evangelist, spreading the word about hot new software to his colleagues all over the world. Michael was part of the award winning Linklaters project team and has a particular knack for translating complex business requirements into neat technical solutions.

Michael plays 5 a side football and enjoys kung fu in his spare time and is a big fan of the outdoors!

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