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The changing shape of Microsoft partners

It is no secret that Satya Nadella is shaking things up at Microsoft and things are looking really exciting at the moment! Satya's vision of a "mobile first, cloud first" future for technology is both inspirational and directly in line with the global digital trends that are rising up across the world.

The changing shape of Microsoft partners

However, all of these changes at Microsoft also reflect a need for Microsoft partners to adapt to this new approach, and this is something that BrightStarr is very proud to be leading the way in! Microsoft is shifting its focus towards cloud-based enterprise technology, and software integrators like BrightStarr are being encouraged to innovate in this space, finding new ways to help customers make the transition to the next wave of computer productivity. Phil Sorgen, Corporate Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Group has been touring partners recently and has shared the following big changes that he is actively seeing in leading global partners:

  • There are very dynamic cloud partners growing their business by going beyond migrating customer mail and accelerating customer cloud adoption with SharePoint, Yammer and Lync.
  • Partners that are moving towards managed services and IP services are experiencing higher demand and business growth than they had in a transactional model, and they are targeting more Line of Business (LoB) leaders and Business Development Managers (BDMs).
  • Microsoft needs to keep working on improving our communications with you to help accelerate your practices through our cloud partner programs.

Dynamic cloud partners

Cloud technology really does offer a lot of business advantages, and with this in mind, dynamic cloud partners that are supporting innovation in this space are helping to support the growth of cloud success at Microsoft and for clients. One service that is making a big impact in this space is Yammer, and with Gartner placing Microsoft as a quadrant leader for social software in the workplace, it is clear that Yammer is making a big impact. BrightStarr has been lucky enough to work with some brilliant clients on Intranet projects with complete Yammer integration such as the RFU, helping to incorporate this powerful technology into digital enterprise solutions to deliver maximum value for our clients.

The rise of managed services

The rise of managed services, providing easy access to powerful computing tools without the hassle, is becoming a real hot topic at the moment. Businesses don't want a launch and let go approach to enterprise solutions, and users don't need to know exactly how the technology works, as long as it does work and it does makes their life easier. Today SaaS is becoming a very favorable option in this space, delivering solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to manage, featuring a manageable price plan, inclusive of maintenance, future upgrades, and support and consulting services. This is better technology on tap without worrying about the plumbing and is something that will continue to grow into the future.

With our new launch of Unily, the cloud Intranet as a Service, BrightStarr is delivering customized Microsoft Intranets with full mobile access, Yammer integration, inclusive ongoing consultancy and support services, and all deployable in the space of just 4 weeks. Phil Sorgen, having seen the product first hand, commented in his latest blog:

"We carried on the conversation about how a partner-driven, productivity and platform company has a strong value proposition for cloud-first partners. We talked about how cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are unparalleled. This was soon validated by another meeting with partner BrightStarr. They've built their own cloud-based intranet solution for customers. Their solution, Unily, is deployed on Office 365 and SharePoint and incorporates Yammer and Lync into one united solution that extends the collaboration and productivity of their customers. Their customers love this complete solution, unique to BrightStarr, and built on top of the Microsoft cloud platform and rich productivity solutions. They follow up this solution with strong post-deployment support. They are also a company that truly believes in the power of leveraging the P2P Microsoft network around the world."

Improved communications

With the final key take away from Phil's travels being the need for Microsoft to keep on improving communication through cloud partner programs, we think the future is looking bright for the Microsoft partner network.

With Microsoft so impressed by Unily, they have decided to co-host Unily roadshow with BrightStarr to share this amazing cloud Intranet solution across the US. If you want to see what Unily can do for you, then why not join us for our roadshow party kick off, or for one of our other demo lunches via the button below!

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