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The necessity of better knowledge management for the legal sector

As a SharePoint consultancy, we see a whole range of legal sector organizations come to​ us with a common business driver – better knowledge management.

The necessity of better knowledge management for the legal sector

What’s the cause?

Practising law is all about people and knowledge. Firm's clients are entitled to the benefits of collective, accumulated knowledge that is gathered from all around the business. Making this knowledge accessible is essential to clients and to the growth of a law firm. If staff are unable to efficiently and consistently locate and utilize the knowledge they need to do their job, there is a significant problem.

What's a potential solution?

Intranet solutions are commonly seen as an answer for knowledge management, being something BrightStarr have developed for many of our legal clients including Linklaters, a leading global law firm. A well designed and implemented intranet solution on the right technology can transform knowledge management, with a base for all information that’s easily searchable and accessible. It can also help to underpin a law firm's global strategy and brand, creating a digital workspace for employees to find the people, applications and tools they need, as well as essential knowledge in a fast to find, usable format.

What are the challenges to legal knowledge management?

  • Truly understanding the needs of the business. Many law firms are global corporations, are the needs of the business the same globally or are we looking at a solution that's different things to different people?
  • How will the solution be governed? Who will be involved in this process to ensure it remains valuable?
  • It's a daunting task to start from scratch with a new intranet solution. Is this really necessary? Is it possible to build upon what you already have?
  • What is the right technology to deliver the business requirements and benefits you're looking for?
  • A successful intranet is user and organisation centric – how can you ensure this mantra will be stuck to during design and development?

How are our legal clients dealing with these challenges?

Global law firm Linklaters came to BrightStarr with these challenges, but with a driving need to transform their intranet into something that would deliver for employees.

'with knowledge being at the centre of what we do, is important for us to make sure that people can quickly and easily access the information they need to do their jobs, so those people are equipped to excel. The problem was, people were having difficulty finding the information they needed. So people told us quite quickly that there was a need to change. With that in mind we went about building a robust business case for a new intranet project.'

Angela Rossiter, Global Intranet Manager at BrightStarr

Read the full story of Linklater's global knowledge management solution and don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your own requirements.

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