US events round-up

It was a busy week for BrightStarr US with two excellent Intranet events happening on the same days: We. Connect’s Intra.NET Reloaded in Boston and Ragan Communication’s Intranet Makeover Summit in Chicago.

US events round-up

At Intra.Net Reloaded, we had the pleasure of participating in a deeply collaborative two day conference highlighting several industry experts, internal communicators and technologist willing to share their experiences and insights on what makes for a high performance intranet.  Dan Diefendorf, SVP of Unily Sales and Operations, shared his knowledge of the top trending requests from our own list of clients covering a variety of verticals and business case scenarios.  Also, speaking as our guest at the event alongside Dan, was Ben Wallace, EVP of Operations & Technology at Orrstown Bank.  Ben shared Orrstown’s strategic digital transformation including the Unily platform.

As the primary sponsor at Ragan Communications’ Intranet Makeover Summit in Chicago.  We had the privilege of speaking to attendees about how to increase the effectiveness of their intranets, using BrightStarr’s award-winning Dorma + Kaba Unily launch as an example.  Some specific tips shared by BrightStarr’s VP of Unily Sales & Evangelism, Glen Chambers, included the following:

  • Make sure that you really optimize for mobile- this means more than just making the experience smaller
  • Consolidate your apps and integrate services to simplify
  • Be prepared to start small and iterate frequently when it comes to your new mobile experience- better to get started than to wait until you have a perfect solution
  • Be careful when trying to develop a custom mobile experience in house- it’s harder than it may seem
  • Plagiarize good design! (By taking design clues from the consumer world and popular apps)

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Stefanie Millner Human Resources Manager

Stefanie was BrightStarr’s first employee in the US and has been growing with the company ever since. She’s worked in the New Jersey and Texas offices that BrightStarr has outgrown, and is currently based in Seattle. Keen to make everyone’s career as rewarding as hers has been, Stefanie excels at her role in Human Resources. Her responsibilities include hiring and nurturing talent and developing each employee to grow his/her value. She also gets involved with job analysis, personnel planning, administration of remuneration, internal communications, and incentives.

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