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What’s new for Unily’s 2016 Spring Updates?​

We’re excited to announce our latest round of brand new features, functionality and an exciting new Unily product. The Spring Updates 2016 are here!

What’s new for Unily’s 2016 Spring Updates?​

If you keep up with Unily, you might know that its evergreen roadmap of new features is something we mention a lot (for good reason). Remember our Spring Updates announcements from last year? Well, we’re excited to announce our latest round of brand new features, functionality and an exciting new Unily product. The Spring Updates 2016 are here!

​Before we get onto the new goodies, we want to share some exciting announcements that have already made 2016 a great year for Unily.

  • Unily has welcomed over 150,000 new subscribers in the past 12 months and we’re thrilled to be helping more and more people collaborate and communicate effectively, every day.
  • In January 2016, Unily won its first Nielsen Norman Award for "Best Intranet Design 2016" for dorma+kaba’s intranet solution. BrightStarr, the creator of Unily, has been lucky enough to win 4 Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design awards in the past for custom intranet projects, but this is the first win for the Unily solution.
  • In March, Unily client Wiggle, a large sport retailer, was short-listed for Retail Week’s Customer Experience Award “Best Use of Staff Engagement in Delivering Customer Experience” for their Unily intranet solution.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we continue to enh​ance Unily’s functionality and performance. We will never slow down our efforts to consistently deliver the best possible intranet solution. These are our latest advancements in support of that commitment.​

Sleek Architecture for High-Speed Performance

Unily's updated architecture now stores all key intranet content within the Microsoft Azure platform, rather than SharePoint Online. This globally-distributed data storage solution enables significant performance improvements across all geographies and connection speeds. By connecting with the complete Office 365 platform using Azure Active Directory, Unily now offers more integration possibilities than ever, including Microsoft Graph.​

Enriched Content Management Experience

The Unily CMS has been transformed this season to optimize the user experience for content editors. As well as significantly enriched functionality and performance, the new CMS includes a micro-site builder, content pages, email newsletter tool, forms and polls, enhanced permission levels and the ab​ility to pick your own colour palette and icon set.​

Instant Publishing of Content

Unily’s new content management architecture allows published content to be globally synchronised and fully searchable within seconds, meaning content is available at lightning speed.​

Localization Accuracy

Previously, Unily utilized Azure Machine Translation to enable multi-lingual functionality. In order to give content editors more control over the translations of their content, Unily now features 1:1 localization from within the CMS for a seamless multi-lingual experience. Users see the information they need, in the language th​​ey want, and content editors can be confident their message is accurate and clear. Translation is also now easily extended across more of the intranet, with Apps and Tools, Metadata, Personalization Tags and more all translatable.

Universal Mobile App

The multi-platform mobile application is now fully localized and reflects your users’ personalization and targeting settings, supporting your own customizations.

Multiple Deployment Options

Unily can be easily deployed in your chosen hosting environment, either managed by us in Azure or on your own subscription, with on-premises and hybrid configurations fully supported.

Updated Look and Feel

People Profiles and Social Conversations have had a makeover. Profiles now reflect the card style design that’s consistent across the Unily product and also provide more information than ever, including authored posts and documents. Social conversations now also have a new card style interface, new post design, expandable conversation and new search functionality.

Announcing Unily Engage

This season we are excited to announce the release of our latest Unily product – Unily Engage We know that not all of your employees require the same level of engagement with their digital workplace. Some require a complete intranet experience with extensive collaboration functionality, while others might just need access to internal communications.

Unily Engage is the answer for organizations who want all of their employees to have access to company internal communications, but may not require the full Office 365-based experience that comes with Unily Hub (our original intranet product). It is the perfect version for employees who may represent a retail brand in a store front or work off-site in a warehouse environment. We think of it as a ‘light’ version of Unily Hub, which has been streamlined to allow as many employees as possible to be a part of your organization's culture and communications.​

We’re excited for what’s in store next…

We are thrilled to be announcing this brand new rollout that’s helping so many of our clients to work smarter. These upgrades are in direct response to our own evolving roadmap, Microsoft releases and input from our highly valued and rapidly growing customer base. Thank you to all our customers for helping Unily continue to grow and remain unique in the marketplace. Stay tuned, Unily keeps getting bigger, better, faster and stronger.

Not a Unily customer yet? We’d love to show you what it can do. Why not book your Unily demo ​​today or sign up for our Unily Updates Webinar.​

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