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Your opinions on enterprise social networks

There has been a lot of information from BrightStarr around enterprise social networks in these last few weeks including a seminar at Microsoft London and a webinar. Therefore we thought you would be interested in hearing your peers' opinions on Enterprise Social Networks.

Your opinions on enterprise social networks

The importance of Enterprise Social Networks to your organizations

It's clear that you believe that Enterprise Social Networks are going to be important. 55% of you think they will be very important and a further 33% said they would be vital. This shows that businesse​s understand that Enterprise Social Networks are far from a passing trend, but instead will become a vital business tool to take your organization forward.

Why have an Enterprise Social Network?

Two factors were seen by almost all respondents as being primary reasons for the adoption of this technology:

  • Improve communication between geographically disparate employees.
  • Increase ease of knowledge transfer within the organization

93% of people agreed that these were the main reasons for the adoption of the technology. There are further raft of reasons that you fee​l that Enterprise Social will benefit your business and these were the next 5 most popular:

  • Promote innovation through quick and simple focused project/interest groups - 70%
  • Help people find each other by name and skillset - 65%
  • Breakdown barriers between organizational units - 63%
  • Reduce mailbox overload - 55%
  • Provide a forum for employee feedback & highlighting excellence - 55%

In the knowledge economy, you have identified that Enterprise Social Networks are a practical and usable way of making your organizational knowledge more agile and more manageable.

Internal Social Networks - the haves and have nots​

With such strong reasons for deploying this technology you might think that many organizations have internal social networks up and running, however only 10% of respondents have one in place. This figure is going to rise quickly as you told us that 85% of you intend to have started the implementation of Enterprise Social within 12 months and of that figure 29% of total respondents have implementation underway already.

What's stopping you?

Concerns about privacy and governance, the attitude of management to social networking and providing proof of return on investment proved the biggest blocks to you implementing a social network within your organization. These factors come up time and again and at our webinar on the 26th March the BrightStarr & Microsoft speakers will be tackling these issues head on.

What we know is not stopping you is trusting the technology. Not a single one of the respondents said this was a barrier to implementation, which perhaps is a sign of the level of trust in Microsoft's Enterprise solutions, including SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer that enterprise social solutions are usually built on.

If you want to know more about enterprise social we have a number of further resources for you including the, social solutions page, the information on the RFU Internal Social Network Project and if you read this before the 26th March 2014, why not join us for our live enterprise social webinar​ with experts from Microsoft and BrightStarr.

Matthew Boyd Consultant

Having worked in communications for BrightStarr for over 2 years, during which time Matt was heavily involved with clients and case study production, Matt has now turned his skills towards consultancy. Matt works alongside both technical and sales teams to provide consultancy around the implementation of communication and collaboration technology, especially focused on building lasting relationships through delivering trusted consulting services.

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