Webinar Recording - 15 Awesome Unily Benefits Webinar

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Whether you're an Intranet manager, internal comms manager, content owner or an end user, you should have an In​​tranet that you can count on to continue to deliver for you and your team. Join us in our latest webinar as we demonstrate the best business benefits and features of a Unily Intranet, ​built on Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer, including its world-class success program to ensure continuous ROI.

Should you register?

Whether you’ve already had a taste of Unily or this is your first look, this webinar is sure to teach you something as we demonstrate how Unily is helping our customers achieve their business goals with its key benefits and features. And with live portal examples and customer examples, whether you're business focused, technology focused or both, this webinar is for you.

Why give up an hour of your day?

If your Intranet is begging for an upgrade, or you’re curious to see what a modern Intranet solution should be delivering for your team , this webinar is for you!

We'll be covering:

  • Unily client examples - how is it working for them?
  • 6-week deployment time frame
  • The evolutionary nature of the solution
  • Unily's customer success program
  • Enterprise social integration enhancing communication
  • Multi-lingual functionality for 1 click translation

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