Been there, done that with PANDORA

  • On-Demand
  • 1 hour

Join us as we embark on a journey which will take you behind the scenes of how our industry leading clients created a digital workplace, which their employees love.

In this hour-long webinar we'll be joined by PANDORA who will be talking through their intranet strategy and giving you the tips you need to formulate a successful strategy of your own. 

Our Agenda:

  • How to identify your business requirements
  • Utilizing the rich functionality of Microsoft Azure & Office 365
  • Creating a user experience to engage employees
  • How intranet managers fostered successful intranet adoption

If you’re working on your intranet strategy or looking to improve an existing platform, this webinar is perfect for you. You’ll hear directly from our clients who will give you an insight into the logic behind key decisions, as well as tips to help you create a successful intranet strategy of your own.

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