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Leading on from SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 introduces new ways to share, sync, communicate and organize people and content within your organization. New ways to work together are combined with a simplified user experience and enhanced social capabilities that make it easier to share ideas and keep up to date with what your colleagues are working on. SharePoint 2013 drives collaboration and productivity with Web Content Management.

We have extensive experience in planning, designing, building, supporting and managing SharePoint solutions that fulfill your business need and provide maximum ROI. Talk to us today to see how we could help.

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Work With The Experts. We've Completed SharePoint Projects For the Biggest Brands in the World.

When SharePoint 2013 was first released, we were part of the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Technical Adoption Program (TAP) reviewing the solution and providing valuable product development feedback to Microsoft. Since then, we've built hundreds of solutions on the platform for our clients, including Merlin Entertainments, Barclays, Microsoft, Linklaters and GM Financial.

With our expertise with SharePoint 2013, a global presence and the highest level of SharePoint skills, BrightStarr are best placed to help you with your own specific SharePoint 2013 journey.

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Using a product focused Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Lean and Agile methodologies, our Architects, Designers and Developers create a powerful team with all the expertise necessary to build and deliver your SharePoint 2013 solution. Post launch, we can continue to support you both from a business and technical perspective to help drive usage, adoption and productivity.


We help you to define and refine the requirements for your new product and ensure what we are building will deliver the business impact you need.


Using an agile methodology, our product team builds your intranet solution in short bursts, responding to change as required.


Using quantitative and qualitative data, we measure the effectiveness of the product, iterating through the process again until the full business value is realized.

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Upgrade or Migrate. To Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Whether you’re looking to adopt SharePoint 2013 as an upgrade from 2007 or 2010, or you’re planning a whole new solution, we have the range of skills and experience to deliver.

Striking the balance of being able to continue to utilize facets of existing investments, but also take advantage of the new features and capabilities of more modern releases, is key to seeing a sustained return on investment. We are here to work hand-in-hand with you to help you make the right decisions and, if it turns out that an upgrade is the right way to go, you can rely on BrightStarr and our expert teams to make sure that process and results are equally rewarding.

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SharePoint 2013. Features and Functionality.

SharePoint 2013 offers new ways for employees to talk, share and sync. With new, simplified user experiences, new Web Content Functionality, improved support for cloud-based architecture and new social capabilities, it’s easier than ever to organize people and content within your organization.

Five things you didn't know about SharePoint 2013
Five things you didn't know about SharePoint 2013
Now that SharePoint 2013 is generally available there is no end of articles and blog posts highlighting the various new features to be found. To mix things up a little, we present five things that you probably still don’t know about SharePoint 2013.
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Thinking of upgrading to SharePoint 2013? You are not alone
Thinking of upgrading to SharePoint 2013? You are not alone
A recent survey by MetaLogix has revealed that over 60% of respondents were actively looking at ​ upgrading to SharePoint 2013 in the near future.
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SharePoint 2013 mobile features
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