PANDORA's award-winning Office 365 intranet story

  • Katy Smith - Marketing Manager
  • 03 May 2017

PANDORA’s Office 365 intranet is the central gateway for their digital workplace, providing 21,500 employees with a user-friendly site to aid better communication, collaboration and sharing. Discover how they not only implemented a brand new solution but also drove extraordinary adoption of the new platform with an award-wining international campaign to engage users.

PANDORA's award-winning Office 365 intranet story

Dive into this one-of-a-kind story to learn:

  • PANDORA's key drivers for a new intranet solution
  • How Office 365 was integrated for a seamless experience
  • Key functionality making PANDORA's intranet shine
  • How an agile development process has kept the intranet employee-focused
  • How the project was supported with an award-winning international communications campaign
  • The business impact and results of PANDORA's new intranet

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PANDORA's Office 365 Intranet
PANDORA's Office 365 Intranet
PANDORA engaged thousands of employees in different corners of the globe with a beautifully designed, powerful intranet that mirrors the customer experience.