Five Awesome Things About Enterprise Social

Five Awesome Things About Enterprise Social

Since the creation of the original blog, social media has continued to develop and evolve in new and exciting ways, enabling fast and more collaborative communication. Here at BrightStarr, we believe that the time is now for the business world to latch on to this success and begin to reap the benefits.

Since the creation of the original blog, social media has continued to develop and evolve in new and exciting ways, enabling fast and more collaborative communication. It goes without saying that social media platforms have seen increased usage in recent years, with current statistics showing over 1.15 billion active monthly Facebook users and over 540 million active Google+ users. With these kind of figures floating around, here at BrightStarr, we believe that the time is now for the business world to latch on to this success and begin to reap the benefits.

With the likes of Microsoft Yammer, Salesforce Chatter and Jive, there are plenty of Enterprise Social Network options to choose from, but why go this route at all? Let's take a look at some of the key awesome features that you and your company will benefit from by introducing an Enterprise Social Network today.

Tap Into Corporate Knowledge

The idea is simple – there are expertise that you probably don't even know about within your company, simply because it's not relevant to your role or department. Typically, you would struggle to find this latent, and potentially under used talent, because there would be no reason and no person to expose them. An Enterprise Social Network brings all of this information together in an easy-to-view format, and allows for cross-role collaboration. Social media sites like Facebook are about sharing and interacting with friends. This can be very productive for your private life - you can stay connected, share photos and experiences, and give advice to help people. The exact same benefits can be gained through enterprise social networking in your professional life.

Archiving Knowledge

An Enterprise Social Network enables the creation of a vast online storage vault through the posting of documents and sharing of files. Past meeting notes, internal presentations, how-to guides and much more can all be stored in an easily accessible place. This means that employees located anywhere worldwide are able to gain access to company assets. The social aspect also allows employees to voice questions around existing content, or find out if content even exists at all.

Network Internally

The Enterprise Social Network is also a platform designed to be used as a means of communication between those with whom you may only interact with via email. Having this type of platform enables an increased level of communication within an organization, which is beneficial for companies that are separated by location.

Increased Innovation

An Enterprise Social Network can increase awareness among employees of current projects, which subsequently allows contributions based on interest and skill. This can often be a challenge in organizat​ions due to the lack of an internal channel for contributions. When an employee is aided in discovering what colleagues on their teams and across all functional areas are currently working on, they are able to make better decisions and innovate.

Instant Internal Focus Groups

Imagine not having to pay, and having an instant focus group, ready to answer questions, review documents, and comment on upcoming projects right at your fingertips? An Enterprise Social Network offers just this. It allows an employee to instantly ask for feedback on a proposal or presentation, casting information securely to another set of eyes anywhere in the company.

Why Wait?

With so many benefits, is an Enterprise Social platform for every company? This is a diffcult question and warrants careful consideration before jumping in. Businesses will need to be very clear about guidelines for appropriate usage and what return on investment is looking to be garnered.

Business is now fully immersed in the digital age, and the time is now to play catch up with the media and entertainment technology already running rampant in our personal lives. With benefits like heightened awareness of collective knowledge, increased collaboration and interaction, and facilitation of a greater sense of community, these platforms could be the next step change in business culture. It is apparent that social media is here to stay, and businesses would do well to consider the value of an Enterprise Social platform in ​the professional environment.​​​​

If you are interested in learning more about how an Enterprise Social Network might benefit your organisation,​ then why not download our free whitepaper via the button below.

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