Customer Immersion Experience with BrightStarr

Customer Immersion Experience with BrightStarr

BrightStarr strongly believe that only by getting hands on with products and technologies can users really start to understand the many features and benefits they have to offer. Building on some great work by Microsoft we have created the BrightStarr Customer Immersion Experience (CIE).

This is a bespoke environment where senior stakeholders and decision makers are able to sit down and interact with fully functioning versions of Microsoft enterprise software. The latest Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer products are all available and each comes preconfigured with realistic user data and content.

The CIE is specially designed to allow users to quickly experience Microsoft products in a number of realistic working scenarios. This means users can sit down with a fully functional SharePoint 2013 Intranet system and start to explore the various content and document management features. They can log into an active Yammer account and explore the rich social feature set of this great collaboration tool. They can even try out different devices, form factors, and computer hardware setups - allowing even the most complex business environment to be simulated.

BrightStarr often tailor CIE sessions to specific customer requirements.

BrightStarr consultants are always on hand to help throughout sessions. They are able to explain particular features and functions and give attendees the benefit of their vast project experience. We have been asked lots of fascinating and interesting questions since we started running the CIE workshops, but have yet to come across a situation or requirement that one of our consultants hasn’t been able to successfully navigate.

After each session we always try to gather feedback from attendees in order to better understand how useful and beneficial they are to our customers. We thought this recent quote really summed up what we are trying to achieve:

We went into the session to try and understand how SharePoint can benefit our company. It is such a big product and we were struggling to visualise exactly how we could use it. The Customer Immersion Experience allowed us to sit down with SharePoint in a number of specific scenarios. We were able to look in depth at an Intranet, an Extranet, and a fully configured document management system. It really allowed us to understand how we can use SharePoint ourselves back in the office.

Here at BrightStarr we really believe in Microsoft and the fantastic enterprise products they have brought to market. The CIE allows our customers to explore these tools in an informal relaxed environment and really start to understand the benefits for themselves. We have been really pleased with the feedback we’ve received so far, such as the above, and are constantly improving our offering (as well as making more products available) to make the experience even better.

You can find out more about our Customer Immersion Experience or book a session here.

Will Saville Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur since his early twenties, Will co-founded BrightStarr in 2006 with Rich. Will was previously a professional chef which allowed him to express his visual creativity and aesthetics. Rich, on the other hand, was a physicist with an incredible curiosity to discover how things worked and how to make them even better. After working together at a previous company, they soon discovered that when they brought their talents together, they were able to generate remarkably engaging and disruptive solutions.

During the next 5 years, Will helped grow the company to become a globally recognized brand in the SharePoint market. Will thrives on creating exceptional user experiences that are unrivalled across the SharePoint industry and is obsessed pushing the limits of technology and innovating. Will is still heavily involved with the business 10 years since launch and spends most of his time working on the Unily products, ensuring they’re the most innovative, usable and consumed SharePoint products out there.

In 2009 Will was recognized for his achievements and selected as one of the UK’s top 30 Young Entrepreneurs winning the coveted Young Guns award.

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