Why you Can't Launch SharePoint and Let Go

Why you Can't Launch SharePoint and Let Go

Most people know that SharePoint is an exceptionally powerful productivity tool for the enterprise but to really get the most out of a SharePoint Intranet you have to consider your organization's 'SharePoint journey'.

Most people know that SharePoint is an exceptionally powerful productivity tool for the enterprise. It can be used to create collaborative Intranet solutions, create external portals connecting clients and partners with the organization, and it can be used to build engaging customer facing websites. Focusing on the use of SharePoint as an Intranet solution, it can deliver effective enterprise search, document management, enterprise social tools and much more. However, with all of these possibilities and so many more, it is important to remember that it isn't quite as simple as just switching a SharePoint solution on to achieve the best results. To really get the most out of a SharePoint Intranet you have to consider your organization's 'SharePoint journey'.

Whether using SharePoint out-of-the-box or hiring a SharePoint consultancy to develop a specific solution, it's important to remember that there is always a certain amount of effort and work required post deployment, in order to keep delivering maximum return on investment. Your solution will work for your organization, but you want to maximize your results. So without further ado, let's cover the top three post SharePoint launch activities that we think you should be doing to reap the biggest benefits from your investment.

1. User adoption activities

The one way to ensure you are getting a big return on your SharePoint Intranet investment is to ensure that your staff are actively using your solution. There are several ways to ensure that staff are adopting your new technology and one of the most important is to have delivered a solution staff need by researching and requirement gathering effectively beforehand. However, you can support user adoption post launch by doing something as simple as holding small training sessions on functionality. People will use a new technology solution a lot more readily if using it is intuitive and easy, and they have been trained and know how it works. Another way to drive high user adoption is through a launch event of some kind, such as a hiring a photographer to come to the office and take professional profile photos for Intranet profile pages. Better yet you can introduce gamification into a new Intranet launch. We have had clients that have introduced a digital treasure hunt with clues scattered across the Intranet. This supported staff in searching and exploring their new solution until one person found the password to win a little prize. It is small things like this that make your Intranet memorable and introduce staff to your new technology in a way that is both involving and rewarding.

2. Review, analyze and grow

The way your staff use your Intranet can tell you so much about what they like and don't like, and what tools they actually use to get their job done. With the range of different analytics tools available today a lot can be said for reviewing your solution from day one after your launch. It's useful to know that 95% of users login to their new Intranet every day, that the average Intranet pages viewed is 20 and the average time spent is 90 minutes. However, all your solution reviews, analytics and analysis of data don't mean a great deal if your not planning on applying them to the future of your digital solutions. Your business is not a static thing, it will grow and shift in operations and culture, as will your staff. Therefore your digital tools can't afford to be static, they must evolve with your business into the future. By reviewing your solution and analysing its use you can understand the value it's providing and where it can be improved or expanded to be even more productive.

3. Talk about success

Any new SharePoint Intranet solution, at a very basic level, is being introduced to increase business success. Whether that is by boosting staff productivity by making information easier to locate, supporting collaboration through the introduction of digital workspaces or introducing enterprise social tools for thought leadership and innovation; the business benefits. The way to make people aware of what a new Intranet solution has to offer is to share success stories from across the organization. These can be small wins but they might support big on boarding. Everything from a team delivering the latest client project on time using new digital collaboration, or the marketing team co-ordinating a global product launch, it's important to share success to both empower employees and raise awareness of the digital tools that are helping people get things done.

Over the past eight years BrightStarr has come to realize that a client's 'SharePoint journey' is a long one, and day one of the product launch is just the beginning. Planning out a future for your solution and supporting its adoption and growth is what we think will deliver the most from you SharePoint investment. To find out more about BrightStarr's consultancy services just click the button below.

Ralph James Project Manager

Ralph is a Project Manager for BrightStarr and has worked in the IT industry for 20 years. He has experience managing a wide variety of projects in his time, not just in IT, and has notably worked on a project to put unmanned air vehicles in the skies above the democratic republic of Congo, keeping track of warring tribal factions for the UN. Keen for a new challenge, he made the move to BrightStarr in 2014.

His excellent communication skills enable him to be the connection between IT professionals and senior business stakeholders, a key aspect of effective SharePoint and enterprise technology solutions.

Ralph is one of BrightStarr's tallest employees at 6ft 2in and has participated in multiple triathlons.

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