Award-winning intranets - How to make your intranet a success story

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In our 1-hour webinar we’ll be helping you shape your intranet to ensure it’s a sustainable and productive solution for your business.

Having won the Nielsen Norman award for Best Intranet Design four out of the last five years, from concept to deployment we know the ins and outs of what makes not just a successful intranet, but one that’s award-winning.

One webinar for both US & Australia:

USA PDT              When?   Wednesday 30th November       Time? 4 pm      Where? Online Webinar 

Australia AEDT     When?   Thursday 1st December            Time? 11 am    Where? Online Webinar 

In this webinar we’ll be talking through the key features of award winning intranets, with advice on how to shape your intranet strategy:

  • How to create an award winning Intranet? Talking through a number of our award winning intranets and what makes them so successful.
  • Award winning features from our ‘out-of-the-box’ cloud intranet product, Unily.
  • Keeping up momentum and maintaining value, after launch. How to ensure successful adoption and management post deployment.

Why attend?

Get an insight in how to develop a successful strategy and avoid common pitfalls when planning your intranet. Our Industry expert will be able to answer your burning questions so book your place now. 

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