Webinar Recording - Cloud Potential with Office 365

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Due to the success of our latest UK ​seminar on Cloud technology and Office 365, we’ve decided to take this topic global with our latest 60 minute webinar.

The future of Enterprise IT really is 'Mobile first, Cloud first' and we want to share that vision with you.​

​Register your place today to get to grips with the evolving Office 365 platform and allow us to help you understand the possibilities of the Cloud​. It's a tough task to condense the capabilities​ of this​ exciting technology into one short hour, but we'll be sharing all the crucial information that you need to keep you in the know.​​​​

We will be covering​:

  • Overview of Cloud and Office 365 technology and it​s potential
  • Key considerations - benefits and challenges of Cloud solutions
  • Technical insights on the Office 365 underlying infrastructure
  • Liv​e demos of a real Office 365 deployment

If Office 365 is something your organisation is considering, or you just want to know more about your​ options for moving to the Cloud, then this webinar is perfect for you. This session will be suitable for both business and technical professionals.​​​

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