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Sports Teams Like Spurs.. Run on a Unily Cloud Intranet..

Every leading sports team in the Premier League, NFL, NBA and more needs an internal solution to bring their global team together. That’s why teams like Spurs and Everton have adopted a Unily cloud intranet.

Award-winning Intranets for Leading Sports Teams.Key Business Benefits.

Cloud & Mobile

Unily utilizes the best of Microsoft’s cloud products to deliver a completely-mobile, flexible intranet experience that employees will love. Updates and new feature releases are seamlessly pushed out through the cloud, ensuring your intranet remains feature-full and flawless.

Beautifully branded

The brand is of upmost importance for any sports team. Spurs and Everton had complete control over the look and feel of their site, ensuring it matched their requirements perfectly. With rich-media capabilities across the site, they can share their graphic images and videos in seconds. Get in touch to request personalized mock-ups with your own branding.

Fully supported

Intranets need more than just great technology to make them successful. That’s why Unily comes with a dedicated customer success programmed. Spurs and Everton are supported by expert business and SharePoint consultants to drive adoption, an evergreen feature roadmap and 24/7 support.

See Unily for Your Team. Request a Set of Complimentary Designs.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with Tottenham Hotspur's Solution.

Tottenham Hotspur needed a solution that would allow it to utilize existing investments in Office 365. Our Unily Hub intranet product was the perfect solution, built on Microsoft Azure and integrated with Office 365, it not only matched Spurs’ requirements, it exceeded them.

A platform for internal communications and collaboration was crafted in just eight weeks which utilized Microsoft Fast Track to support the IT team in tenant set-up. The resulting solution combined the globally recognized look and feel of the club, with powerful functionality and detailed analytics.

The launch was supported by onsite face-to-face training and content creators were walked through the non-technical Content Management System and the site's main features ahead of time. This ensured that after the launch, the site would already be populated with relevant and timely news stories and the documents and forms staff needed to find there. This, in turn, promoted immediate engagement and repeat visits as employees found it useful and engaging, right from the start.

As part of our consultancy, we continue to work alongside Tottenham Hotspur to help the organization drive adoption and usage of the solution, constantly reviewing analytics to see how the team could be driving more value from the solution. Whether it's developing a framework to drive productivity, introducing new custom functionality or supporting content strategy, we will continue to be an extension of the Spurs' team.


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