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Abt Associate's Office 365 Intranet. Supporting and Empowering a Diverse Workforce Located around the World.

In order to fulfill its commitment to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide, ABT needed to empower its employees in many different locations and roles, including field research, to access and interact with company communications. With the workforce in different countries, cultures and time zones, ABT made the decision to switch their infrastructure to one that could reach the farthest corners of the organization and keep the team connected. We made this happen with a beautifully designed, device-agnostic intranet built on cloud-based Office 365.

Story Summary. Connecting Remote Employees With Streamlined Intranet Experiences.

United Employees

As a solution, the new intranet was easily able to meet its objective to become a place where global employees could come together to work and share knowledge. There is now one place to look for essential resources as well as a powerful search tool to help users gather the information they need. It has become a trusted and reliable resource that users can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Streamlined Experiences

The site is able to personalize each page through categorization by employee role. This ensures the most relevant and important updates appear for each individual user. The site is subsequently more efficient and helps streamline the experience for those viewing on smaller, mobile devices.

Increased Productivity

By storing all files and documents in one central location, there is only one place to look for information that saves time and effort for employees. Powerful search makes it easy to find desired content and streamlined navigation allows users to glide through the site, straight to what they need. The increased flow of information has been beneficial to the entire operation, and project work has been more dynamic, including the use of social tools for collaboration.

The Nitty Gritty. Get To Grips with the Abt Associates Solution.

It was important to the company that all functionality was made available across all platforms to keep remote workers connected. This was made possible by utilizing Office 365’s cloud capabilities to create a unique intranet solution. For ease of use, and with handheld device users in mind, the site used a role-based system to present only the most important and relevant information for each user.

With so much information available in such a variety of formats, powerful search functionality and streamlined navigation were required features. Users could access regularly used documents and training information while collaborating with colleagues via Yammer integration directly on the intranet.

Now employees, no matter how remote, can collaborate and communicate as they work on documents and projects together. By improving ease of knowledge transfer, ABT aims to grow its employees through sharing best practices.

Abt Associates Office 365 Intranet solution from Brightstarr

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