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Barclay's Leadership Academy. Improving Training and Communication Across the Organization.

Barclays entrusted us with the challenge of working within strict limitations of the banking industry to provide a communication and collaboration tool that would improve business processes with a top-down approach. All levels of employees would have access to the site, but there would be a focus on encouraging senior leaders to take initiative and set an example for those who reported to them.

BrightStarr was chosen for the project while the media spotlight was on the bank so Barclays needed a fast, reliable result from a company with a proven track record. We exceeded expectations by offering a solution that helped employees organize, find, and share information rapidly like never before. 

Story Summary. Providing Access to Knowledge.

United Employees

As a solution, the new intranet was easily able to meet its objective to become a place where global employees could come together to work and share knowledge. There is now one place to look for essential resources and a powerful search tool to help users gather information they need. It has become a trusted and reliable resource that users can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Rapid Turnaround

One of the success metrics for this project was to show improvement in communications and the way the business runs, so a fast turnaround was crucial to that strategy. We delivered the custom built solution in four months, allowing Barclays to showcase its conviction to achieve internal change in a very short timeframe.

Portal of Change

Once the system was finalized, it was able to serve as a portal to inspire change within the organization. The added bonus here was that a better, more efficient intranet was helping employees communicate among themselves and access necessary information. The bank was able to work smarter, harder and to affect change from within.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with the Barclays Solution.

The portal was built on SharePoint 2013 and became the central hub for staff to create and store literature and materials that supported Barclays' objective to make internal changes. It didn’t just house documents because the Oxford University Press was also brought in to contribute training materials as well. Therefore, it was imperative that all staff would be able to access the valuable new materials.

More than just a library, the site is able to host groups wanting to come together online, helping to drive collaboration and unity across the organization. Holding meetings across departments and geographical distances is now a feature available to all whether for training or to run a project, all from the central intranet.

Staff members are able to log in, find people, chat with them, access training materials, search for documents, and categorize the results. Every user can upload and maintain the resources ensuring the content is valid, up to date, and relevant to the people who need it.

Barclays Leadership Academy powered by Unily Intranet

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