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BSI's Intranet. Setting a New Standard for Data Management.

BSI, an international business standards consultancy, had complex data issues that could only be resolved by a powerful customized solution that brought together disparate applications. Its goal was to move into a new data center, with servers set up in the new environment along with four SharePoint Sites that were to be moved over. This task needed to be completed without causing major downtime to avoid disrupting the work of BSI's internal teams and inconveniencing its customers.

Having worked with BSI on a previous project and as their current SharePoint Support provider, we used our deep understanding of the project to gain a further understanding of the company's structure and needs. This helped us manage the project with ease, minimizing any impact to users.

Story Summary. Delivering Expert Managed Services to Minimize Disruption.

Resolved long-standing issues

The move to the new data center was a complete success. It was on time, and we were able to resolve some out-of-scope and ongoing issues along the way. Since the reconfiguration of the farm, the system has been running much better. The whole project was completed with minimal disruption.

More Stable Platform

We brought key learnings to this project from work we have done with other clients including strong ideas about best practices given our own vast experience. The result is a more stable platform that is less complex and scalable to cater to future business needs.

Better Uptake

The new and improved sites have been frequented by employees and customers alike. Internally, more and more people are using the sites as part of their everyday work. The new solution has also been popular with customers that are now more comfortable adopting or upgrading to the latest version of SharePoint now that they can see it running as a viable solution.

The Solution. Get to Grips with the BSI Solution.

We were chosen to run the project for a number of reasons. First, as a long standing partner, we had a good working knowledge of the systems involved. As an existing provider of support for the system, we also had a unique insight into the exact nature of the solution and the problems it faced processing such a large database.

During our engagement with BSI, we were able to troubleshoot existing bugs along the way and fix problems never before resolved. The project was kept on track to ensure the deadline was met, and the team was still able to add in some performance improvements and make recommendations for future improvements.

As an ongoing service provider, we now have an even better understanding of BSI's environment and will be able to provide superior support moving forward. Where possible, proper documentation is now available to aid future troubleshooting, allowing BrightStarr, BSI, and its partners to service the solution effectively.

BSI's intranet created by Brightstarr on MacBook

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