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Everything Everywhere’s Award Winning Intranet. A Brand Image to Match the Business Direction.

As T-Mobile and Orange planned one of the telecommunication industry’s largest mergers into Everything Everywhere, they needed a powerful internal platform to support them and represent their new brand. The intranet solution BrightStarr provided served not only to enhance EE’s internal brand image, but it also answered employee questions about the direction of the business surrounding the joint venture.  The success of the project was confirmed when the 2012 Annual Neilson Norman Intranet Design Awards were announced, and the system was named in the year’s 10 best intranets and trends in Intranet design and usability. The solution has also been very well received at EE, and is hugely popular across the organization.

Story Summary. Communications Start from Within.

Supports Business Integration

The new intranet is the central channel for all staff to access essential information about the integration of Orange and T-Mobile, providing thousands of employees with a single source of information and a place to find people skills and expertise. Clear content guidelines keep information on the site compelling, concise, and relevant to employees.

A Beautiful Brand

An intense requirements process was undertaken to establish the brand of the new system and how the existing system could be improved upon. Every element of the intranet was intensively designed from top to bottom, ensuring that every design element and every piece of content had a function, purpose or benefit. Working closely with the internal Brand and Communications team, the new solution spear headed the new EE brand, showing a completely unified front.

Enables Collaboration

The new clean, user friendly intranet has opened up new ways for employees to collaborate across the business, without the need for support from the IT department. This was essential at a time when two huge teams were coming together in a new joint venture.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with the EE Solution.

At the heart of EE’s intranet is the About Us section, marketing the new brand to employees whilst also providing essential information about new structures, processes and vision. This was supported with a beautifully designed News and Communications site split into clear segments; Company, Products and Services, Technology, Surveys, Competitions and Social, with graphic images to catch user’s attention. Commenting functionality on all internal communications helps give employees a voice.

The ability to find people and information was central to the new system, with a Find Someone search box on the homepage for easy-access, as well as a deeper search available on the People and Places page. The intranet also has a global Search box to allow employees to search for people and content from anywhere.

With a new leadership team in place to manage the merger, a Top Team page was introduced to the intranet to provide transparency of management for each team, providing background information, status updates and latest content assigned to the contact.

The new intranet has played a major role in keeping all employees informed and educated on the launch of the new business. It answers many of their questions, as well as enabling the business to collaborate efficiently, effectively and rapidly with staff without the need for IT.

Intranet solution created by Brightstarr for Everything Everywhere (EE)

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This Project is Award Winning. Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design 2012.

When the 2012 Annual Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Awards were announced, EE’s system was named in the year’s 10 best intranets and trends in Intranet design and usability. Everything Everywhere established its place for its innovative, user centric and beautifully designed corporate wide intranet that successfully supported the integration of two of the UK's largest communications companies.

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