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Fortune 500 Insurance Company. Getting More Out of Data with A New Intelligent Portal.

An insurance company with a prestigious brand needed to keep its reputation intact by effectively and efficiently managing large amounts of data - we helped this organization take data management to the next level of success. 

Before BrightStarr came along, the organization was using out of the box SharePoint BI. It was getting the job done, but the user experience left room for improvement. The team wanted to elevate the user experience and get more out of its valuable dataset, focusing in on discoverability, duplication, and organization.

Story Summary. Better Business Insights for Increased Productivity.

Improved UX Boosting Adoption

The solution is both visually appealing and intuitive, just as much as it is functional. It brings together disparate information and conveys critical business insights in a digestible format, helping to improve productivity and process.

Tailored To Users

The new intranet’s sleek design and customizations do a great job of reflecting the company's brand and aligning with its modern approach and culture. Plus, with its customization options and personalization, users enjoy being able to bend the site to their needs, not just working around it.

Impressing Stakeholders

Now that it’s up and running, the new portal is getting attention internally from other departments that are impressed by the impact it is having and are looking to replicate the solution for themselves. Furthermore, external legal entities are looking to the portal as a benchmark for what is possible, making the best use of data.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with this Fortune 500 Organization's Solution.

The solution to this challenge was to create a brand new Business Intelligence portal that communicated valuable data in a graphic and insightful way. It also needed to have a great user experience, allowing users to find the information they needed quickly without being encumbered by slow, confusing technology.

As the data held was so precious and so valuable, the first stage was to really get to know this Fortune 500 company and how it used data. The project took nearly a year, with a good percentage of that devoted to the discovery stage. BrightStarr worked hard to understand the business and all its complexities before moving into the design process.

BrightStarr was selected for its design pedigree as the end result had to be as beautiful as it was useful. Although it was a challenge to translate their complex requirements into a simple solution, BrightStarr was able to deliver in terms of technical performance as well as look and feel.

BrightStarr started with a homepage that displayed a visually engaging dashboard. From there, this beautiful portal showed trending reports and it flagged the ones most viewed and most liked. By adding metadata, sorting became more effective, which really showed in the search results. Users were able to create their own collections and personalize pages to their needs. Both the discoverability and overall user experience were improved by leaps and bounds.

Brightstarr's Intranet Solution for Major Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Talk To Us. About Your Requirements.

Testimonials. From Some Happy Customers.

I have been very happy with BrightStarr from the very first phone conversation to today. They are the best SharePoint consultancy I have worked with so far and have every intention to continue to work with them in the future. All of BrightStarr’s employees that I have come across are bright, engaging, very knowledgeable and most importantly happy, approachable individuals that is a pleasure to work with. Thank you BrightStarr for making me look good.

Project Manager,

Liberty Mutual

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