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Linklater's Award Winning Intranet. Transforming Knowledge Management with SharePoint 2013.

Linklaters is a leading global law firm that undertakes some of the most important and challenging assignments for the world's leading companies. The team recognized that a better platform to manage knowledge would help to improve the service given to customers. Valuable time and money was being wasted searching for documents that couldn’t always be found, so we were challenged to build an intranet that would be scalable to cope with the growing demands of a business where knowledge is power and essential to doing business. BrightStarr sought to drive efficiency by saving time and effort for Linklaters employees by creating an intranet solution on SharePoint 2013. 

Story Summary. Improving Customer Service by Making Knowledge More Accessible.

Technology for the People

Uptake of the new site was overwhelming with thousands of users logging on in the first 48 hours. The key to quick adoption was making the technology work for the people, not trying to force a change in behavior to suit the technology.

Tactful Taxonomy

With a carefully defined information architecture, Linklaters employees could easily search through a wealth of information with clear navigation features. We made search intuitive and simple so they could find what they needed in real time.

Looking to the Future

Achieving better employee engagement and resource management was never the end game for Linklaters. As the firm grows, the intranet will grow with them and continue to support staff as they move towards business goals.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips With The Linklaters Solution.

Linklaters’ new intranet, named InSite, provided a much improved way for staff to engage with the digital tools they needed to be successful. For the face of InSite a new engaging homepage was built, incorporating a mixture of internal and external news. The incorporation of rich media and powerful imagery increased news effectiveness and breathes vibrancy into the homepage, engaging users the moment they access the site.

Staff members were also given the ability to personalize what showed up under ‘My Links’ and ‘My Apps’ on their homepage. This personalization ensures that the most relevant and useful tools are always easily accessible. In the first 48 hours after the site was launched, over 850 unique links were created by staff and over 160,000 page views were recorded. This was the first step in the transition of staff from passive users to effectively engaged content creators.

The all-important knowledge management focus for Linklaters' new intranet was central to the success of the project, and this is where the biggest changes were necessary to achieve real ROI. By identifying a taxonomy that unified the global terms used across the business, we were able to build a solution to manage content so it was categorized and easily findable for all employees.

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This Project is Award Winning. Best Information Management Solution of the Year.

Linklaters and BrightStarr are happy to announce that InSite was awarded the Best Storage/Information Management Solution of the Year at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards 2015. The winners of these prestigious awards were announced at an awards dinner in central London.

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Testimonials. From Some Happy Customers.

Comparing this to the old Intranet is like comparing a fountain pen to cuneiform seals. The look, feel and ease of use – not to mention the ability to customize – is fantastic!

Linklaters Employee

I really like the fact that the layout is very user-friendly and thus allows me to save time. I have all the apps and links that I need right on the first page and can access them with one click, and I can personalise them according to my needs.

Linklaters Employee

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