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Microsoft's Business Intelligence Dashboard. Turning Data Into Essential Market Insights.

On a monthly basis, Microsoft received information from the IT Jobs Dashboard about current roles in the technology industry. The team recognized that if data were displayed more intelligently, it would help them quantify the state of their industry as job vacancies would be used to further understand the market trends and determine periods of growth, or even decline.

With market trend information unlocked, Microsoft would be able to successfully and economically use resources, confident that marketing budgets were being spent effectively as a direct reaction to known market conditions. All that was needed was a way to make sense of the poorly formatted .csv file in which data was gathered. BrightStarr transformed the unusable raw data into meaningful and beautiful dashboards on SharePoint 2013 that had real business impact.

Story Summary. Painting A Picture of Essential Information.

Data Transformed

The end result is a sturdy, reliable solution which takes seemingly worthless data in a ramshackle format and transforms it into market intelligence. The dashboard is an easy to read, clear format that informs its users and makes everyday decision making easier and quicker.

Clear Dashboard

One of the success metrics for this project was to show improvement in communications and the way the business runs, so a fast turnaround was crucial to that strategy. We delivered the custom built solution in four months, allowing Microsoft to act quickly and reach out to the available job applicants.

Setting Industry Trends

The results displayed by the dashboard are clear, accurate, and can be relied upon to paint a picture of the industry landscape on a month-to-month basis. The information has been used successfully within the organization to make key business decisions about allocating sales efforts and marketing spend, taking the guesswork out of the process and making the process quicker and easier.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with Microsoft's Solution.

We took the data, in its original unstructured state and built a rich Business Intelligence Dashboard solution on SharePoint 2013. Robust and defensive with advanced error handling capabilities, the site was able to take rough, inconsistent data and turn it into a visual representation of market trends based on job openings in the technology sector.

The easy-to-use, engaging dashboard that BrightStarr hosts for them, turns an Excel file into easily-consumable insights, making industry analysis simple and easy to see. Every month, as new data comes in, the site processes it and comes up with clear results that accurately reflect the status of the industry.

To gather such data elsewhere, Microsoft would have needed to commission a market research survey and then analyze the results. By taking advantage of an existing data feed, bringing in an experienced partner to work with, and investing in technology, Microsoft was able to effectively make use of the resources already available to them.

Microsoft's Business Intelligence Dashboard based on Sharepoint 2013

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