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The Rugby Football Union's Social Intranet. Working as a Team with Improved Communications.

The Rugby Football Union is the governing body for rugby in England with 2,000 autonomous rugby clubs in its membership. As the Rugby World Cup on home soil approached in 2015, the RFU started thinking about leveraging the opportunity to raise the profile of the game. The place to start was to modernize the organization, and thus, a new social intranet was in order to kick off the process. 

We introduced a highly social intranet solution for the RFU, connected with internal social channels such as Yammer, Facebook and Twitter, creating a new platform for all employees to come together as a team.

Story Summary. Inspiring Teamwork, Driving Engagement.

Employees are Connected

RFU Connected is now an inherently social and collaborative platform with information accessible to all, and presented with engaging, rich media. Staff feel empowered to communicate on Yammer and have a gratifying user experience on mobile devices. Employees are no longer limited to gathering crucial information at their desks. All aspects of the site now follow the RFU’s mantra of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship. Survey results from the All Staff Briefings point to an improved sense of interdependence between staff groups.

Communications Belong To Everyone

The flow of information has become easier, faster, and all-inclusive without bottlenecks slowing it down. The whole business has benefited from a reduced email burden and the ability to share information at the touch of a button. Communications are now tailored to the right audience, ensuring relevancy for all employees. All events are now live-streamed over the intranet and the RFU runs live Q&As to keep the site as interactive as possible. The end result is a digital workplace where stakeholders can connect, share, and interact as often as needed.

Adoption is High

When user adoption is imperative, it pays to think carefully about the best way to launch a new site. With Enterprise Social Networking being a new concept, RFU launched Yammer initially within the business, ensuring it was already a part of employees' everyday working life before the site went live. The intranet’s design, look, feel, and functionality have made it easy to use, navigate, and understand – helping to drive adoption among RFU employees.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with the RFU Solution.

To address the RFU's needs, we designed a new intranet solution built on SharePoint 2013 with extensive social integrations in the form of Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts and RSS feeds. Brought together with a design that highlights the RFU’s rich media content, the solution creates an appealing internal communication hub that reflects brand ethos. Users are now able to see live Yammer feeds alongside more traditional static posts on their homepages, making the experience far more relevant and engaging, and bringing the solution to life.

Yammer functionality continues across the site, giving both office and field-based staff new ways to communicate and share information with each other, increasing productivity and helping employees feel truly connected. Supported by a brand new People Phonebook, employees have the crucial information they need to find the best person to collaborate with on particular projects.

For the first time, employees were also able to share documents, information, and video, no matter how they accessed the intranet. Video-sharing had previously been a pain point as the old site had no such functionality. The solution was also designed to be fully responsive- essential for those field workers who rely on mobile devices.

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Testimonials. From Some Happy Customers.

There is a much better look and feel and much better functionality. There are two examples of this, one being the ability to share video, which was not possible on the previous intranet. Second is the array of social features, which have changed the way staff communicates. The intranet is also far more easily navigated and easy to use. Within five minutes, you can get your message out, allowing the whole organization to be engaged and connected.

Toby Jones

Internal Communications Manager

We have now a significantly better capacity to tell our story as widely and as profoundly as possible. Previously, email was overloaded. Employees could not differentiate between important top-line strategic content and a general circular. Now, we have the ability to tailor communications at the right time and to the right audience: email, intranet and Yammer.

Patrick McMaster

Senior Learning and Development Partner

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