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Tottenham Hotspur's Unily Intranet. Supporting Employees and Reinforcing a Global Brand.

Tottenham Hotspur is a globally recognized Football Club in the English Premier League, with a huge media presence. The Club felt that its internal messaging wasn't matching up to public messaging, so it came to us to produce a new internal solution that would help to break new ground and do things never previously seen from the old system.

Adopting our Unily Hub solution, Spurs was able to rapidly implement a powerful digital workplace that reflected its unique brand perfectly. The club is now equipped with a channel for corporate communications, a space to store and find documentation, online forms to improve compliance and productivity, and more. By ensuring that everyday tools are more readily available and simple processes are automated, efficiency has been dramatically improved.

Story Summary. Keeping All Employees in the Loop.

On Time, In Budget

The finished intranet was delivered on time, in budget, and made the best possible use of Tottenham Hotspur’s previous technology investments. It has managed to blend superior functionality with a fantastic looking solution that reflects the heart of the club. Unily's Software as a Service model means we continue to work with Spurs to integrate new functionality, improve adoption and drive productivity among teams.

High Adoption

Since the launch, there has been a measurable increase in intranet traffic and staff members from all over the business have been consuming content they didn’t have access to before. For the first time, all news (internal and external) is available in one secure place for all to see. Media channels, for example, are more visible internally because the content is directly migrated into the system.

Empowered Teams

Employees are now empowered to share their expertise across the club. Requiring no SharePoint knowledge to maintain, users with job functions across the business continue to take the lead with content management, and the best part is that users don’t rely on help from the IT department. Internal processes are also quicker and information is easier to find than ever before.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with Tottenham Hotspur's Solution.

Tottenham Hotspur needed a solution that would allow it to utilize existing investments in Office 365. Our Unily Hub intranet product was the perfect solution, built on Microsoft Azure and integrated with Office 365, it not only matched Spurs’ requirements, it exceeded them.

A platform for internal communications and collaboration was crafted in just eight weeks which utilized Microsoft Fast Track to support the IT team in tenant set-up. The resulting solution combined the globally recognized look and feel of the club, with powerful functionality and detailed analytics.

The launch was supported by onsite face-to-face training and content creators were walked through the non-technical Content Management System and the site's main features ahead of time. This ensured that after the launch, the site would already be populated with relevant and timely news stories and the documents and forms staff needed to find there. This, in turn, promoted immediate engagement and repeat visits as employees found it useful and engaging, right from the start.

As part of our consultancy, we continue to work alongside Tottenham Hotspur to help the organization drive adoption and usage of the solution, constantly reviewing analytics to see how the team could be driving more value from the solution. Whether it's developing a framework to drive productivity, introducing new custom functionality or supporting content strategy, we will continue to be an extension of the Spurs' team.

Tottenham Hotspur's Unily Intranet By Brightstarr on iPad

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