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VELUX Group's Office 365 Intranet. Uniting a Global Organization with a Localized Digital Workplace.

Known for bringing light into the lives of its customers, VELUX Group, a manufacturer of skylights and window coverings, wanted to provide a localized intranet experience on a global platform, helping to improve internal communications and collaboration across countries and languages.

In order to create a global mind-set of trust and transparency, VELUX Group needed to change the way it connected, housing everything employees might need to know to get the job done and encouraging sharing of knowledge within the company.

We utilized the Microsoft Cloud Office 365 technology that VELUX Group already possessed to create a solution that engaged employees with relevant information and tools, no matter where they're located or what device they use.

Story Summary. Breaking Down Cross Border Silos.

One Central Platform

Their new intranet, VELUX One, now stands at the center of the business, acting as a hub for knowledge and communication and helping staff work together more efficiently as One Global Team, despite borders and languages. Personalized and targeted information ensures that employees see what’s relevant to them, keeping them coming back for more.

Global and Local News

The intranet’s simplified Content Management System experience enables those without any technical background to add and edit content on the site. Community managers are trusted to assess what content is appropriate and to whom it should be targeted. The result is a mix of global and local news, making content ‘close to home' while still ensuring the corporate direction can be communicated via the same channel.

Combining Disparate Technologies

Instead of going to an external site, Yammer is embedded within articles, allowing for seamless commenting and sharing of articles with just one click. Content is targeted to staff based on their preferences, with the menu and navigation translated into one of seven primary languages. For employees viewing content that wasn’t written in their native language, on-the-fly translation is available.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with VELUX Group's Solution.

Personalized and localized content on the intranet was key to the global transformation. While each user can see all content if they wish, they are also categorized by organization, job function and location, so that content can be tailored specifically to them through the use of tagging, thus surfacing more meaningful content.

To introduce the concept of targeting to employees, a ‘Welcome Message’ was created on the intranet to allow users to select their preferred language and fill-in their profile for the People Directory. The People Directory utilizes Delve to store employee information such as competencies, knowledge and experience with each user profile showing a description of tasks, a list of skills and an employment and education history.

To bring real-time conversations onto the intranet, Yammer was integrated. Articles could be shared in one click and Yammer’s commenting functionality could be embedded on any page.

Access is available for users on a PC, remote staff with a tablet or with phone access only, or in a department served only by info screens. The intranet had to work seamlessly across platforms to reach everyone and display content that was relevant for each employee.

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Driving Global Adoption. With a Launch to Remember.

VELUX Group knew the launch of its new solution would be key to success. To support the new intranet, the group released a special, laugh-out-loud funny animated video unleashing the VELUX One mascot, Awesomesauras. The playful nature of the video really caught the attention of staff, helping to educate people on the value of the intranet and getting them prepared to engage with it.

In addition, one hundred of their most senior leaders were briefed ahead of time and given a preview of the site. When launch time came, they were able to cascade their enthusiasm for VELUX One from the top down, which played a part in driving usage. At the same time, VELUX Group appointed community managers to upload and refresh content in each department ensuring relevant, useful resources were online from day one.

VELUX Group's approach to the intranet launch has really helped instil the value of the new solution and, with the Awesomesaras remaining present in subsequent communications, the strong message of the One Global Team ethos remains top of mind for all VELUX Group employees.

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