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Wiggle's Unily Intranet. Supporting and Inspiring Staff Across the Globe.

As an internationally renowned retailer of exclusive sports brands, Wiggle wanted its brand image internally to reflect that value of excellence. To make this a reality, it recognized the need to embrace modern technologies and provide a new intranet platform for employees.

Wiggle had been using a basic WordPress site for internal communications. The organization needed something more versatile and dynamic that would embody its brand values and communicate company successes to all employees, as well as providing an area for staff to connect and engage on wider business initiatives.

We delivered a complete digital workplace solution in just 6 weeks with Unily Hub, rapidly transforming communications, collaboration and customer service.

Story Summary. Driving Cross Function Collaboration and Communication.

Relevant Internal Comms

A front-and-center dynamic smart feed has marked a step towards changing the way internal communications and information is being made relevant to users. Intranet managers can target which information is most relevant to particular groups of employees. Additionally, users are empowered to manage this personalized content by choosing topics they are interested in reading about.

Core Social Messaging

Wiggle’s prolific customer-facing social media presence and successful stand-alone sports blog became a focal point of its new intranet in the form of a seamlessly integrated social hub. This helps to remind employees about Wiggle's customer centric ethos and brings all external communications activity into a central place.

Better Customer Experiences

Employees are now driving cross-functional communication and collaboration, which is resulting in faster and better consumer experiences. The growth of the platform has continued in new and exciting ways, now established within customer service and purchasing departments, bringing about increased productivity and operational unity.

The Nitty Gritty. Get to Grips with the Wiggle Solution.

Wiggle chose to adopt our Intranet-as-a-Service solution Unily Hub, built on Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Unily Hub not only unifies the comprehensive functionality of Office 365 into a single enterprise scale portal, but also delivers inclusive ongoing consultancy, technical support, and a customer-led roadmap of new features.

Combined with intuitive user experiences, a highly functional and deeply engaging digital workplace platform was created to support Wiggle’s shift towards new collaborative and more productive ways of working. Features such as a new Internal Communications hub, People Directory, Document Management hub with version control, Workspaces, Apps and Tools, and more all help to deliver more coherent views of information across functional teams.

Wiggle’s staff has been given the chance to take ownership of comms engagement, leveraging Yammer to feed back into a growing internal knowledge pool and respond to company achievements, events, and initiatives.

As part of our consultancy, we continue to work alongside the Wiggle team to help drive more adoption and usage of its solution, constantly reviewing analytics to see how the organization could be driving more value from the solution. Whether it's developing a framework to drive productivity, introducing new custom functionality, or supporting Wiggle's content strategy, we will continue to facilitate success.

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This Project is Award Winning. Mark of Excellence at Retail Week Customer Experience Awards.

We’re excited to announce that BrightStarr and UK sport retailer, Wiggle, have won Retail Week’s Mark of Excellence for the Best Use of Staff Engagement in Delivering Customer Experience!

“We are thrilled to be awarded the Retail Week Mark of Excellence for inspiring staff with a unified intranet at the Customer Experience Rewards 2016 for our collaboration with BrightStarr. Their professionalism, dedication and passion in providing this solution has helped us not only achieve this award but revolutionized the way we comminute internally and given us the platform we need to be able to succeed in delivery an outstanding customer experience.” – Panos Mitsikis, SharePoint Developer, Wiggle

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Testimonials. From Some Happy Customers.

Operating in retail, attention to design, detail and aesthetic value is fundamental to our business and we wanted our new intranet to really reflect this.

Panos Mitsikis

SharePoint Developer

Unily Hub has enabled Wiggle to collaborate across the business, at a project level as well as an organizational level. Unily has proven to be intuitive for users, and with the ability to customize as relevant, we ‘ve been able to use the tool effectively and look at ways to further enhance the use of Unily within Wiggle.

Rebecca White

Head of Delivery

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