The VELUX Group's Office 365 Intranet Story

  • Katy Smith - Marketing Manager
  • 31 January 2017
The VELUX Group's Office 365 Intranet Story

Known for bringing light into the lives of its customers, the VELUX Group, a manufacturer of skylights and window coverings, wanted to provide a localized intranet experience on a global platform, helping to improve internal communications and collaboration across countries and languages.

Download the case study for:

  • Detailed screenshots of the VELUX solution
  • Insight into how the VELUX Group have utilized Office 365 for their intranet
  • Insights into how VELUX managed 36 languages across the intranet
  • Business insight into how VELUX successfully launched a new intranet to over 10,000 users
  • Exclusive details on how VELUX maintain adoption and engagement after launch
  • Adoption results

If you're developing your own intranet strategy or would like to improve an existing intranet, get in touch here. 

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